Do ~ ?

I’ve been guided to a very important book, and I know it’s for me right now because I answer an emphatic “yes” to all the questions it poses in its preface –

Do –

  • Topics such as philosophy, metaphysics, religion and spirituality call you now more so than ever before?
  • You crave reading material and in depth discussion on the above issues?
  • You have thought-provoking, insightful, futuristic or even disturbing dreams?
  • You experience a strange lethargy at unusual times of the day as though someone has unplugged and then plugged you in again?
  • Some friendships seem no longer compatible?
  • You have a lack of interest in pushing forward to keep up with the Joneses?
  • You have a desire to be in nature?
  • People and literature keep appearing that relate to personal and spiritual discovery?
  • You crave time alone or with genuine and loving people only?
  • You find that communication is becoming increasingly more important to you, yet at the same time recognise challenges in truly connecting with others?
  • You find that your body is going through shifts that are hard to explain?
  • You talk to a higher power, or guiding spirit more frequently now than before?

The preface goes on to state:

If you answer yes to most of these ‘symptoms’, welcome, you are awakening to your true destiny… As a Light-Worker you have agreed to awaken earlier than many, to pave the way, to clear debris from the path. This handbook has been designed to aid you in your task.

The book is written by an Australian channeller named Amanda Guggenheimer, and the book is called The Light-Workers Companion. 

It’s a technical book – and fascinating. And I’m learning so much.

I called Amanda yesterday to say hello, and she said to me: They’re here with me now. Do you want me to channel? 

How could I refuse?

And so for the next half hour she channeled my guides, and told me stuff that was very very helpful – particularly concerning my film. It was amazing. Later she sent me an email with a link to a recording she made of the channeling.

I  offered to pay her but she resolutely refused.

Here below is her book. If you say “yes” to the majority of those questions above, I suggest you buy it.

Here is the book’s web page:

Here is the Amazon link –

Lightworkers Companion




10 thoughts on “Do ~ ?

  1. hmmm, I guess I need to buy the You keep throwing things at me…. Will need another lifetime to catch up. Light and Love Ingrid


  2. Another fascinating aspect of the fascinating journey you’re on, Bill. Enjoy all of it 🙂


  3. meh, the rhetoric of that preface is VERY heavy, and it seeks to associate various ordinary experiences of ordinary personal change with a forcible presentation of some quasi-mystical claims.

    Divine interventions in my experience are nothing at all like that bla-bla, but they radically present you with the impossible as a matter of fact.


    • Haha – ah Julian, I thought that post would get you going. The preface doesn’t presage any mystical experience – or even quasi-mystical experience. All it says is that if you have any of those “symptoms,” as Amanda calls them, then perhaps the book is for you.

      You should read it. You would answer yes to a bunch of those Dos on that list! 😇😇


  4. Bill–Wow what a fascinating call that must have been. Dying to know generally what kinds of stuff she shared!! The book sounds interesting also. Although when you say technical it makes me wonder if I can understand it?! LOL I just finished the Dying to be ME by Anita Moorjani and her near death experience. And now in the middle of Spiritual Economics. SO maybe that shall be my next read! You sound amazing as ever.
    (We are excited that our grand baby is planning an appearance in September, but sorry that it fouled our plans to India with you. )


    • Kathryn, your spiritual journey continues! I think you’d find the book fascinating. And as for what my guides, through Amanda told me – well, obviously that’s intensely personal, but just to say they gave me sold advice regarding the film, and the timing of certain events to come, which do in fact accord with what could b coming down the pike, as you yanks would say! By the way, I’ll check out those books you’re reading… Say hi to Michael for me too!


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