Portuguese Camino // D 13 / Cape Finisterre ~

This is being posted two days late, I’m sorry, because of travel and lousy internet at my current hotel in France. Portugal has the best internet ever!!

Last day of the tour – no walking – most everyone slept in.

We’re staying in the luxurious San Bieito – the same hotel we stayed in last tour. Only a few hundred meters from the Cathedral.

At 11am some of us headed off for the midday Mass, and were fortunate to see the swinging of the Botafumierio – a surprising highlight of the tour.

Later in the afternoon we did some group portraits –

men against wall-1 women against wall-1

We then hopped in our charter bus which took us to Cape Finisterre – the End of the World, and the end of our tour.

We had an early dinner at one of the best seafood restaurants in Galicia – then drove up to the Cape and watched the sun go down.

end of the world-1 cross on Finisterre-1

It was a perfect end to the tour – time to relax, reflect on the last two weeks, and consider life after the Camino.

sitting reflecting on Finisterre-1

This was a wonderful and deeply moving tour with a bunch very special people… and we all felt sad that it had to come to an end… but for many, it will be just the start.

zero marker on Finisterre-1

10 thoughts on “Portuguese Camino // D 13 / Cape Finisterre ~

  1. You can feel the closeness of the group through the photos! Great that you had such a wonderful end to the walk 🙂


  2. All over red rover and Bill!
    I am sure that each pilgrim will go away forever changed. The Camino forever changed me and I am eternally grateful.
    Thank you Bill for the posts and the beautiful photos. xo


  3. Sounds like a fabulous Camino, Bill! I need to go back and read the other postings. I’ve actually thought about doing a week–to get my Camino fix! Love to you and Jen!


  4. Bill,

    Thanks so much for sharing your tour with us! What a wonderful time you all had and the most beautiful ending to the tour.

    I’ve been to Finisterre all but twice to complete my pilgrimages. There is something so very special about that place. The last few times I’ve been on Camino I’ve visited Muxia as well, another powerfully spiritual spot.

    Your photos are wonderful as usual, I’ve enjoyed every one, they brought back memories and a strong longing to be back on the Way. Buen Camino my friend.



    • Dear Arlene, thank you for these wonderfully kind words. It was such a beautiful tour, and walk. I really am starting to think that the better prepared you are for a Camino, the more enjoyment you derive from it. You are going to have such fun on your tour, coming up soon now!



  5. Bill,
    Sure doesn’t seem like two weeks have gone by. Time has flown. I have really enjoyed the walk with you. The descriptions and pictures make one feel like you are right there walking with the group. Most of my feelings of change or any enlightenment came after arriving back home. The one exception was seeing the botafumierio swing. It touched something deep inside me. Can’t explain it other than it was a profound humbling feeling of spiritual something that almost brought me to tears. It was worth walking 500 miles just for that sight and feeling.
    Love to you both


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