The weeks ahead ~

On Wednesday Jennifer and I leave for Portugal, to prepare for our next Camino tour.

As I’ve mentioned previously, we were contacted last year by a wonderful lady in New Zealand who’s head of an organisation of carers.

She asked if we could set up a Portuguese Camino for some carers so that they could use the pilgrimage walk to release all the sadness, anguish, and associated emotions and issues that come as a result of the demanding work they’ve been doing.

It will be an extraordinary experience for us to walk with these people – and hear their stories.

Before the tour starts we’ll go to Fatima, to film some sequences for my intuition film.

At the end of the Camino tour Jennifer and I then fly to Cannes, to attend the Cannes Film Festival. We’ve received financial support from the Government, through Film Australia, to talk to financiers and distributors about the intuition film.

That’s cool huh?

After Cannes we then fly to Budapest, to film some sequences in Hungary. Whilst there I’ll catch up with two Camino buddies that I met on my first Camino – including Balazs, who was the guy who lent me the towel that propelled me along the 800km walk.

If you want to know what I’m talking about, read my book: THE WAY, MY WAY. Balazs features prominently in the book, as does Lazslo, my other Hungarian mate.

While I’m away, including while I’m walking the Camino, I’ll be tick-tacking with Rishi in the editing room, viewing cuts via Vimeo, and giving him notes via Skype.

Isn’t technology great?

So it’s a busy time coming up.

red shell in church

5 thoughts on “The weeks ahead ~

  1. Pretty wood carving… and boy how do you fit it all in? You get ANY sleep? Looking forward to your postings… Buen Camino Ingrid


    • The carving is beautiful isn’t it – it’s in a Camino church in Pontevedra on the Camino Portuguese. Thanks for your well wishes Ingrid. Hope to walk with you one time soon! bb xx

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  2. Dear Bill and Jennifer, have the most awesome walk with this bunch of NZ carers. Can’t wait to read how it all goes. And ,,, polish my nails … going to Cannes … of course you are!! Congratulations on the support and try to have some fun too, although I guess that’s a given when you catch up with your Hungarian buddies 🙂


  3. Hi Bill and Jen –
    Have a wonderful, wonderful time – from start to finish. It’s simply incredible that you’ll be meeting up with Balazs and Lazslo – Balazs particularly. There are people in this life who strike you immediately as having faces of angels – I looked at his photo in your book yonks back when I first read it and his face is the face of an angel – truly.
    Camino hugs and love –
    Jenny xoxo


    • Jenny – that’s such a sweet thing to say about Balazs. I’ll make sure I’ll tell him when I see him. He is a good bloke, as is Lazslo. Both wonderful people. It’s amazing that the Camino can form such strong friendships!

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