How much fear do you have?

On my walk to the editing room the other day I noticed a man on a bicycle cycling past, wearing a helmet. On top of the helmet was a GoPro. A mini video camera. (…for those of you who don’t know what a GoPro is!)

I then began to notice this more and more.
So many people riding bicycles were wearing GoPros.

I did some research and discovered they weren’t wearing GoPros so that they could video their journey to and from work each day, it was so they could document an accident should it happen.

I thought about this.

I thought what brave souls they were, cycling to and from work each day, skirting death. They must have such a high level of conviction an accident might happen – so high that they mount a camera on their helmet. Man o man I thought – they must live in such fear each day, on their bicycles.

Huh – and I thought riding a bike was meant to be fun. Liberating. Exhilarating.
Apparently not – at least, not for these folk.

I see people out walking, and they’re wearing safety vests. Reflective clothing. They must worry about being hit by a car. They too must live in such fear.

And then I thought about intention, and about where they’re focusing their attention.

By wearing a GoPro, by wearing reflective vests and so forth, they’re setting their attention on having an accident. My understanding of the Spiritual Law of Attraction is that you get what you believe.

You might say they’re being careful.
Or “covering themselves,” should an accident happen.

With the GoPro camera they will have video proof that the accident, should it occur, wasn’t their fault. Wearing the vest no doubt will help in the obligatory compensation case when they’re hit by a car and crippled for life.

They’ll get more money because it wasn’t their fault. They could clearly be seen, because they were wearing a safety vest.

Why didn’t they pay more attention when they were walking?
Why didn’t they cycle more carefully?

Why don’t they take more responsibility for their actions?
For what they do?

Because they’re afraid.

I’m fascinated by how much fear we allow into our lives.
In the most subtle and insidious of ways.

I’m also fascinated by how much misfortune we attract into our lives because of where we place our thoughts. Our attention. Our energy.

How much fear do you carry with you each day?

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8 thoughts on “How much fear do you have?

  1. Hi Bill, not sure I agree with your interpretation of the why. Agreed, if fear is the only reason.

    i.e. did you know that on the CF from on the last 100 kms the Amigos of the Camino recommend wearing reflective vests, especially during the stretches where you walk alongside the hightway and for “dangerous” crossings…. I remember walking into O’Pino/Azua… it took a while to cross that highway because of traffic. Personally I don’t think a reflective vest makes cars slow down… but the Amigos think it does.

    To go back to your premise of “fear”… does it then mean if I leave the porch light on, I do so because it would keep intruders away…. why lock the doors?… by doing so, does that imply one expects to be robbed or worse..These are everyday examples of habits we simply do without giving it much thought… but by doing so… am I attracting potential danger? Personally I do like the light on (I have a glass door and like to see who is there), locking my doors, not so much… because unless I live in a fortress… anyone can breach a lock, an alarm system etc.

    GoPro… oh I would love to have one while walking… whilst I pay attention to the path and click away on my camera to memorialize an ant, flower or just the moment… imagine the fun when you then compare what your eye and camera sees, your memory holds and what the gopro (maybe on your shoulder or top of the head) has recorded. One of the reason I take so many photos is not that I don’t simply take that moment into my memory, but I am always amazed when I screen them… what my eye has missed! Just imagine adding the rest. Magic!

    Light and Love Ingrid

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    • Another insightful and fun commentary, Bill! I so wanted to send you a photo of me wearing a safety vest and a helmet with a GoPro mounted on top, sitting in front of my computer! Hahaha…. But, I realized that I don’t own any of those things. Hey, but, just think of all the terrible things that could happen while I write emails! Well, if you read some of the emails I get…..

      I do remember that shortly after I had my second or third near-death experience, I was criticized for “being too cavalier” about my death because I was laughing while I talked about it. So, I told my critic that in all of my experience in attending others’ funerals, it was always the “deceased” sitting up there above the congregation laughing and dancing, while everyone else was down in the pews crying or being angry. Since I’ve been on both sides of the fence, I thought I’d change things on “this side” so that more people could start rejoicing that they are spirit and eternal and that they will never die, while they are still here in this world, where death is considered a certainty. I’ve devoted most of my life so far to make a joyous, loving eternal spirit a certainty on this side rather than a dark, somber, painful death – well, if I’m proven wrong, at least I can say I died trying! Ha-ha!

      And, since you are hard at work on what I know is an amazing film that has to get out there on Intuition being your PGS, one more bit here: We can’t have certainty both in death and in spirit, can we? Because, if you have certainty in death, then, you don’t know that you are spirit. If you have certainty that you are spirit, then, what’s death to you? You know you’re not going to ever die – no matter what it might look like happens to your body. Besides, when you know you are spirit and eternal, then, you know that your body will last as long as you need it to so you could get what you need done here in this world. Then, when you’re done, it’s like shedding your day’s clothing and be your naked self again. Of course, if you’ve been wearing too tight of clothes, it may be a bit painful to peel out of it when your time comes to go take a shower! Hahah….

      So, back to Intuition. My definition for Intuition is Having certainty in God. And, again, if we have certainty in death, how can we have certainty in that which never dies? If you ask me, I’ll opt for having certainty in eternity any day.

      Peace be with you always. With appreciation and love,


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      • Michael, I have been sitting with you in the editing room these past few days, hearing your incredible wisdom – and being the beneficiary of your laughter and smiles! Will answer more fulsomely later, because I’ve just stopped to get a coffee, but thanks for your insight here – and I agree with you wholeheartedly!


    • Hi Ingrid, what a lovely melange of ideas here! There’s taking sensible precautions, like locking your door when you’re away, or at night etc, but what I’m talking about is taking responsibility for your actions. And the subtle way we’ve changed our lives to accommodate fear. For instance, and I know this will cause some fuss, but I believe most people who drive four wheel drives and big SUVs do so not because they go off-road all the time, it’s because they feel safer. The bulk of metal around them, and the high vantage point, gives them a greater sense of surety. Never mind that these vehicles are, mostly, not good for the environment, and are more expensive to run than a smaller regular car, which will get you to where you’re going at the same time, probably faster.


  2. Hi Bill, I don’t think I carry a lot of fears with me each day. However, as a cyclist, I do carry a bit of fear when riding. I don’t have a Go Pro on my helmet, but I do have an attached mirror for 1) changing lanes and 2) seeing who might be getting ready to run over me because they are texting instead of watching the road.

    Yesterday I booked a camping site in the Texas Panhandle for a buddy and me to camp and hike. I realized afterwards that that area has an abundance of rattlesnakes. While rattlers apparently usually leave you alone, I suspect that I will be a bit fearful while hiking and likely even more so when I leave the tent in the middle of the night to do what old guys have to do in the middle of the night 🙂


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