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We’ve been editing four five days now, and last night I invited two people in to look at some early cut footage.

Geoff Michels and I go back to 1976, when he was my Executive Producer at the ABC, while I was working as a current affairs reporter on THIS DAY TONIGHT. Geoff later left the ABC and built a very successful career in corporate public relations.

Over the intervening years we have remained friends, and many years ago now I told him that I wanted to make a film on intuition, and he thought it was a great idea. Geoff put in some early seed money, and he has since brought in several investors. He’s now an Executive Producer on this film.

Last night he brought along one of the investors and I showed him some cut interviews, and some visual footage. The interviews were:

Dr. Dean Radin – the Chief Research scientist at the Noetic Sciences Institute in Northern California, and one of the world’d leading research scientists studying human consciousness.

John Geiger, academic and former editor for the Toronto Globe & Mail, now CEO of the Canadian Geographical Society. Most famous for his best selling book, THE THIRD MAN FACTOR, which documents the phenomenon of a “sensed presence” that appears to some people when they’re under extreme duress, and when their life is in peril. It’s a term that was coined by Sir Ernest Shackleton on his infamous trek through the Antarctic.

Dr. Norm Shealy, one of the world’s leading research neuroscientists, and an expert on pain management. He’s regarded as being a pioneer in holistic medicine in the west.

James Van Praagh – a celebrated American psychic and author of many best selling books.

So I showed Geoff and the other investor some of these cut interviews, and some footage, and Geoff sent me this email this morning, which he wants me to disseminate to the other investors…

(And, I have to say, Geoff comes to intuition from a rationalist viewpoint. With his journalistic background, he has a healthy scepticism of all things “spiritual,” and leans heavily towards science and a belief in only what can be proven…)

It was great last evening to have the opportunity to look at some segments of the material you’ve already produced for the Intuition documentary.   I’ve been with you on this since the beginning and if the material which you showed me last night is  indicative of the broad content, I have great confidence in the size of the potential audience.
From memory, you showed me snippets from four interviewees:
Dean Radin
John Geiger
James Van Praagh
Norm Slealy
Each, in their respective ways, said something that, even the most ardent skeptic of intuition would have to admit, is so insightful that you cannot but pause to reflect.
Personally, I was particularly gobsmacked by Dean Radin’s ‘quantum biology’ comments as that is so clearly related to the realities of quantum mechanics.
Also, Geiger’s account of the last person to make it out of the second World Trade Centre tower in NY because he felt he was being ‘led’ to do something completely against human nature (viz.  walk into flames and smoke in one of the stairwells) was riveting.
I don’t envy you the task of editing the many interviews already recorded.  I have enough experience in the business to understand how difficult it is to leave things out… but the short session last night has really confirmed (once again) in my mind what an important and appealing documentary we are all making.
Thanks again.


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  1. I really feel that the film is going to be amazing and a follow up series will need to be made available with each of the interviews and their bottom line message clarified. It is just too much info for one film I know and yet too interesting to not make it into a series of interviews and information for all to hear. So excited!


    • Hi Kathryn – thank you for your wonderfully kind and supportive words. I have my fingers crossed that I can pull this film together so that it finds an audience. It’s at times overwhelming, I have to say, but I trust in guidance – and that all will work out as it should… And yes, there might well be a second film, because we do have a lot of really fascinating stuff!! Say hello to Michael for me… Bill


  2. Well, supposedly, editing is “easier” than filming LOL

    I **really** look forward to this one — there’s not much real difference between consciousness in rationality and ordered intuition, because they’re the two basic methods that we have to be open to the transcendental Reality that He has gifted us with.

    Good luck and good work with the film, Bill, and see you whenever and however it’s decided for us !!!


    • Ah – editing is often more difficult than filming. In a film like this, it’s where it’s made. In drama, the film is largely made at script stage. Not with a non-fiction film like this… And yes, I do hope that we get the chance to meet. I might be coming to the Cannes film festival this year – not sure yet – but if so Monaco is not that far away… 🙂


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