We choose the life we lead ~

I’ve been off air on this blog this last little while. I apologise, but I’ve been busy, and distracted – and I only really like to post stuff if there’s a reason to.

The year has kicked off busy for me.

For starters I published the first book in the WHITE WITCH BLACK WITCH series – and sales on that have been steadily building, which is pleasing. Here it is if you want to take a look – WHITE WITCH BLACK WITCH

By the way, those that I gave free copies to – how about a review on Amazon guys… That was the deal, remember? But only if you like it!! Don’t post a review if you think it’s crap!


The tour side of things has also begun with a bang. The Portuguese Camino tour is now closed, with fifteen people coming with us from Porto to Santiago in early May.

We’ve also been approached by a foodie group to mount a food tour in Mexico later in the year – and so we’re putting that together at the moment.

Then there’s the Mother Ganga Spiritual Tour which we’ll be doing again in September. Looking forward to that!

Mother Ganga Spiritual tour of India – Sept 2016

The Romantic Road Christmas tour in Bavaria is now almost full – it looks like we have eight people already booked for that one, and we’ll close that off at twelve.

On other fronts, as some of you know I’m an Adjunct Professor of Screen Studies at the Queensland University of Technology, and for the past several years I’ve been in a joint venture with QUT to create a large scale online educational resource. Just before Christmas I delivered them a beta version of the first couple of modules – which they have since reviewed – positively, I’m happy to say – and so that’s now starting to gather steam.

But my real focus has been PGS – my intuition film.

I’ve secured a post production investment deal from the country’s largest post house, and so we begin editing on March 14th. I’ve been working on the script, which has taken all my attention and time – and this is the real reason why I’ve been MIA on this blog.

I’ll keep filming while I’m editing – and in fact there is a very real chance that we might be going to Columbia to film with a remote tribe high in the mountains. They have particularly fascinating spiritual practices – and because they’ve been cut off from civilisation they have a direct heritage line back to the Aztecs. That trip should be amazing, if it comes off…

And in June I’m returning to Dallas Texas – (Joni, if you’re reading this, YES, I’m coming back for more Cosmic Rays!) – but there will be more filming to do in the States, and by that stage of editing I’ll know exactly what I need to pick up.

As busy as it seems to be, I have plenty of time. Time to walk, time to read, time to think. And the reason I have time is because my life isn’t complicated by decisions. I make decisions now totally intuitively, and I trust the process and surrender to the outcome.

Man o man it makes life easier.
Way less complicated.

For a start, it takes the anxiety out of living.
And you make decisions fast. No messing around.
You default always to happiness.

I have a good friend who is desperately unhappy. He’s in a very high powered and well paying job that he hates, he has teenage children that are problematic (what teenage kid isn’t!), he never has time for himself, is always stressed, and whenever I call him for a chat I always hear how rotten his life is.

We have choices.
We choose to live the life we lead.
We aren’t the victims of life.
We are the victims of our own choices. 

This guy feels trapped. He feels trapped financially, and yet if he made the big decision to sell up his house and his investment properties and all the stuff he’s accumulated and step away from the materialism that he craves, then he would find he had sufficient money to live a simple, albeit frugal life, but a happy life.

His only happiness comes from buying things.
But that wears thin very quickly.

We constantly subsume our inner voice. Our inner voice knows what’s best for us. But we ignore it. And do what we think is right. This guy is doing what he thinks is right, by holding down this high powered job, going on a couple of international vacations each year, buying a new car whenever he feels depressed, and putting his kids through expensive private schools. But he goes to work each day miserable.

After talking to this fellow recently, I wondered when he would ever feel happy. Would he feel happy once he’d retired? In twenty years time? He would retire with some serious accumulated wealth. But what if he keeled over and died the day he retired?

It happens.

Happiness is something we have to embrace now. Not in ten or twenty years time, not even next month or next year. And we can do this, if we shift into a state of awareness, if we honestly appraise our lives, and if we have the courage to make choices to fundamentally change things.

Don’t whinge about your life.
Change it.
And if you’re not prepared to change it, then stop your whingeing.
You have no right to whinge, because that’s the life you’ve chosen.

I learned on the Camino to ask, when confronted with a difficult decision: What’s the worst that can happen? Invariably, when I considered the worst, it wasn’t that bad.

Same with making choices –

It might seem really scary to change something about your life that you’ve clung to, out of fear most probably. But if you let go of that fear, if you choose to change that one thing, you might actually start feeling happy…

But it takes guts.
Are you that brave?


10 thoughts on “We choose the life we lead ~

  1. So true. Tonight I chose to visit the gym at the airport hotel I’m staying at – the treadmill on an incline works well, followed by the rowing machine and a spot of weights, finishing by a ‘warm down’ in the pool – all so I’m ready to get on the plane VERY early tomorrow morning – definitely a matter of choice! 🙂
    As always, Bill, thanks for stirring our thoughts 🙂


  2. So, I am back from my last Camino for a few months now, still not comfortable to really talk about it… those curve balls can hit you hard at times…. came back into full swing of everyday life and stuff… good distractions.

    Is this the life I am designing… I wonder.. if it is a way to be busy to not rehash some hurt and disappointments…. I figure, can’t really go back and fix it… waste of energy to figure out what sometimes went wrong…. much rather remember and concentrate on what really went well.

    What did it teach me this time. I am much much stronger than I ever allowed myself to admit. I am a reed and am able to bend with the wind… sometimes almost flat to the earth to be nourished by it’s energy to be able to get up and walk on.

    Don’t over analyse things, things happen for a reason sometimes not always immediately understood.

    Live today… get up in the morning and be grateful that I am healthy and able to do all those things many can not, that I have the time to pursue worthwhile causes to pay it forward and at the same time do crazy, dopey things…. like being in a stage production of the Vagina Monologues, this coming Monday. Never in my wildest dreams would I have planned that!

    But there is this women shelter that needs help and there are my friends from the Angel Garage (a local charity) that handed me a script last October with the words…. “you are in a play and this is your part and you can’t say no”!

    Did I secretly design this, my need to help others that not all came to fruition on the Camino… and now is taking over my live.

    It is good to help, because in return it helps me design a life worth living, in gratitude and much happiness.

    As always to you all, Light and Love Ingrid (The Flood)

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    • Dear Ingrid, what a wonderful post! Thank you! It seems this past Camino was another powerful experience for you – perhaps building on the others for you to come to some profound thoughts about your life? And doing the play – what a blast! Good for you! Once again I think it’s the Camino gives you the confidence to do such things. How wonderful for you to give back as you are doing. Doing crazy dopey things is the way to go, I believe!! with love, Bill

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  3. Hi there honeybunch,

    Fab post. Smack. Thanks, I needed that!

    In LA with Mum , Dad, youngest daughter, son in law and baby Minnie. The sun and time off is heaven.

    Did you read the review I wrote for WWBW? Your post reminded me to ask. I wish I was more articulate, but hey ho.

    Kisses and kisses to you and the Mrs. I’m a poet.


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    • Hi Patty – yes I did see the review, thank you!! (Didn’t I let you know at the time?) Great that you’re in LA at the moment, particularly with the weather the way it is back home… Watch those LA peacocks though. They can bite… hugs and kisses right back at cha….bill


  4. Hi Bill – what a great post – so inspiring! Thank you!
    Your friend REALLY needs to go on the Camino. What a life-changer and life-SOLVER it would be for him. Those magical paths will give him all the answers. Any chance that this could happen? I hope so, so much, for his sake.
    Autumn for us tomorrow! I hope that the changing colours of the vine leaves are wonderful on your walks! Isn’t nature so beautiful?
    Cheers to you and Jen –
    Jenny xx


    • Dear Jenny – I don’t think my friend will walk the Camino. Ever. He’s too caught up in the importance of his life. Which is a pity. I’ve suggested it. Like you, I do think it would help, if to just show him that in the Camino, material things just don’t matter – not for status, anyway. A good pair of boots, and a good pair of socks is really all that’s important – and a comfy backpack I guess.

      Yes Autumn tomorrow. I can feel it on the wind here in Mudgee. And when I go in my walks of s morning, it’s getting darker and darker at the time I usually leave, which is 6:30am. I love the changing seasons, although Mudgee is bitterly cold in winter! I try and find a reason to go to the northern hemisphere!

      Thank you for your kind post jenny – once again. You have a huge heart. Bill


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