PGS film imposes its will yet again ~

In April & May of 2013, I walked the Camino de Santiago.

I decided before I left Australia that I would “dedicate” the walk to a film I wanted to make on intuition.

I knew the film would be called PGS – which stands for Personal Guidance System, which is what I believe our intuition is – a system which attempts to guide us through life.

I wanted to keep in touch with family and friends, and figured that a blog would probably be the best way to do it – given that I wanted to put my thoughts down along the way using images and words. Or words and images.

And hence this blog was born – PGS THE WAY. 

Oh yes, I decided that I would walk the Camino intuitively. And my blog was a bit unusual, in that I decided to document my inner journey rather than the outer physical journey.

And so the blog took off. Went viral, And soon I had literally thousands of followers.

I came back, confused as to why I’d done the walk. I’d had no great epiphany on arrival in Santiago. No parting of the clouds. No angelic choir. Nothing. So I had to come back and write a book to make sense of it all. I had to write a book that would enable me to complete my walk.

That book was called THE WAY, MY WAY. 

Like the blog, it took off. And coming on three years later, it’s selling more each year. It seems that it’s become required reading for those wishing to walk the Camino, or those who want to relive the experience.

This is old news for most of you, right?
You know this stuff.

Here’s what you don’t know.

Just as I dedicated the walk to my PGS film, so I dedicated the royalties of the book to the film. Investment has been, at times, spasmodic – and when we’ve needed funds I’ve dipped into the book royalty account and paid for whatever needed paying.

I made the decision from the get-go that the money earned from the book would go towards the film.

And then we got a bunch of investment and I didn’t need the royalty money anymore. And so I decided to use that money for a long walk I wish to do after the film is finished.

I want to walk from my front door, from my house in Mudgee in Central New South Wales, to Cape Finisterre. A journey of about 2500kms

As soon as I made that decision – to use the funds from the sale of the book to cover the cost of the walk, and not the production cost of the film – sales of the book began to slow.

For two years sales had increased month by month – sometimes they plateaued – but they’d never gone down. But as soon as I switched the use of the royalties from the film to the walk, the sales began to go down.

It was disturbing. Nothing else had changed. Only my decision to switch the use of the funds.

Sales kept going down – slowly, but inexorably. Maybe the life of the book had run its course, I thought. And yet I still kept getting terrific reviews. All five star. People were reading the book and liking it still. It’s just that the sales were diminishing.

And then yesterday Jennifer and I had our morning chat – and she told me that she had a message for me from her Higher Self, that had come to her in a dream. She told me that I had to redirect the purpose of the book’s royalties back to the film.

Lately we’ve had quite a bit of investment come in – thankfully – and so I told her that there wasn’t a financial need to do so. She said it didn’t matter. I had to promise that I would keep true to my original intention – that royalties of the book would support the film.

And so I promised.

And today sales surged.
I’m not kidding.
They surged –
– for the first time since I decided to switch the use of the funds.

This is yet another example of how weird things keep happening around this film.

Actually Caroline Myss would admonish me for saying this. I used the “weird” word in her presence when I interviewed her in Chicago late last year. She asked me, very forcefully, what’s “weird” about what’s happening? It’s not weird at all, she said.

Everything is happening as it should.

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11 thoughts on “PGS film imposes its will yet again ~

  1. Awesome Bill! that is good for a chuckle. Glad that Jennifer’s enlightenment was able to turn that around.


  2. Hi Bill – this is a good reminder for us all to stay “on track” with our original intentions which have been gifted to us by our PGS. We’ve all had times when we’ve deviated from that track and something always happens to get us back on track. Stay on that track and take joy in every step.
    Cheers – Jenny


    • Wise words Jenny. What amazes me is how the forces work to remind you… Looking forward to seeing you tonight btw! Safe travels up to the Blue Mountains. I hear it’s a Sangria Free Zone tonight, although they have invited some dwarfs…


      • Cheers Bill. Thanks for your good wishes for my travel to Blackheath. I’m coming up on the train so it should be a relaxing trip.

        I’m really looking forward to tonight – though we’ll be missing the Sangria we can compensate for the loss of that delicious but dangerous tipple with a lovely Aussie Shiraz! If anyone of shorter stature walks into the room I simply won’t know where to look but I can tell you, I won’t be looking at you!!!



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