Guest Post – Lynda Lozner / thoughts on family ~

Lynda Lozner and her husband Dale live near Seattle.

Lynda has been an active participant on this blog almost from the get-go. And this year she and Dale joined us on the Indian tour.

Jennifer and I had met them both earlier when, on a trip to the US last year, we drove up from LA to spend a couple of days with them in their neck of the woods. It was wonderful to meet them after getting to know them through this blog.

Lynda wanted to write something about this blog, and the community that’s developed around PGS. Each day it both surprises and delights me that you guys hang in there with me on this blog.

Sometimes I write some crazy stuff. Sometimes I write some ordinary stuff.

What particularly pleases me though is that through this blog, friendships have developed – not only our friendship with you all, but also as Lynda points out below, friendships between some of you that have nothing to do with Jennifer and myself.

So here are Lynda’s thoughts, which she entitled ~


In April of 2013, I was reading Ivar’s forum in preparation for Dale’s and my Camino for August to October 2013. I came across Bill’s post on his thoughts of his first ten days on the camino.

That, I believe, for me was the birth of our present Camino family. The writing was so engaging, the walk painful, the humor hilarious.  I checked the follow button and it opened a whole new family for us.

Over the last 2 2/3 years some have joined and some have left but our core family has remained the same. With Bill at the head and Jen at his side, our family must now number in the thousands. I know for many of us that morning coffee is best consumed with a post from Bill. It is this family of pilgrims that I am proud to call friends.

Dale and I were honored to first meet Bill and Jen as they passed by our way 1 1/2 years ago. Actually, I believe they detoured WAY out of their way to meet us. We knew before hand that we could call them friends but this solidified the feeling.

This September we were fortunate enough to join Bill, beautiful Jennifer and four others from the blog on a spiritual tour of India. Meeting Jill, Marie, Britta and Janet was an awesome highlight. However, it really felt like we already knew each other as we had bantered back and forth on the blog for two years as well as shared a number of emails.

Thanksgiving and Christmastime usually bring about thoughts of family and I just wanted you all to know how much I appreciate you all and how fortunate I feel to call you all family and friends.

I think Bill has attracted a wonderful group of people that truly are lovely, honest, caring, thoughtful good people. Looking forward to someday meeting Arlene, Jenny, Steve, Ingrid, Ken, Angie, the Landers Express and others.

Some of you know that my daughter Stacey, a single mother of an eight year old and fifteen year old, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer a year ago, In April she was told she was cancer free. However while we were in India, it returned with a vengeance and to add insult to injury she was in a near head on car accident last month.

She spent a week in the hospital and is now home but still in horrific amount of pain.  Throughout this year I’ve had numerous calls from Bill, Jen and several others offering thoughts and well wishes. I’d like to thank you each and tell you how much those calls and emails mean to us. We are blessed to be able to call you all friends.

I’ve often wondered why we got to meet Bill and Jennifer. It seems odd to me that someone writing a blog would travel 1,000 miles out of their way to meet Dale and me. Especially someone that is an author, film producer and director.

We do live within 30 minutes of the “set” of David Lynch’s “Twin Peaks” series. (David Lynch is Bill’s favorite director).  A dinner was had at the famous diner but that was not enough reason for this meeting. No, I think it was to solidify the friendship and set us on our way to learning more about our spiritual side and higher self. All, maybe to be able to help and guide my daughter.

Britta has been very helpful with chants, email conversations and even mailed two books all the way from Australia to help me with my quest on acquiring spiritual knowledge. Jill too has offered help and guidance with some good alternatives to the horrible chemotherapy that Stacey is getting at the moment.

Arlene and I have twice weekly conversations on life in general. Janet has been very supportive as well with emails and reminder pictures of India. And Jenny, well Jenny is hilarious! Always brings a smile.

What started out to be a “Camino Family” has turned out, in my opinion, to be an all around wonderful family and group of friends.  Bill, thank you for your support, friendship and blog. You truly deserve the best !

Merry Christmas (or as you Australians say Chrissie) to All


cpyright BIll Bennett

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  1. Beautiful piece Lynda.

    I found myself nodding my head in agreement as I read many of your thoughts on how and why many of us have, in one way or another have come into Bill’s extended PGS family.

    Merry Chrissie to you too and thank-you for taking the time to put your thoughts into words.

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  2. Hi Bill and Lynda! Wow, Lynda – so sorry to hear about your daughter’s health challenges. Know that I will hold her up in meditation tonight at the Ganga Aarti. It was wonderful to be able to meet you and Dale, along with the rest of the gang when you came through Parmarth. I look forward to a reunion of my Camino buds!!! Much love and blessings in this holiday season. Laurie

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  3. Beautiful post Lynda. You and Dale are very special people and II feel blessed in sharing our friendship.
    And I promise never to trick you into falling into the pool again!
    Am saddened to hear Stacey is still experiencing tremendous pain. I trust relief comes soon.
    Love & hugs, Janet

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    • Janet
      Every time I see your picture next to a post or up in the like section I think of the picture of you with the drink umbrella as a hair adornment . Such a beautiful lady inside and out.
      The car Stacey was in was traveling at the speed limit of 50 MPH when the othr car abruptly turned in front of them. Lucky to be alive but expected that there will be much pain for a few more weeks. As a mother you just want the pain to go away. Wanting her to have some pain free time to allow her to concentrate on alternative methods to ridding her body of the cancer. But as I think Bill has been trying to tell me, things happen for a reason.
      It hasn’t even been three full months since India but we need a reunion. How about Christmas Brunch at the JW in Bombay? The caviar, lobster, and ohhhh the chocolate!
      Love you
      Lynda and Dale

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  4. Thanks Lynda for – again – being so open and encompassing in your friendship, but as I’ve also said to you, it takes a friend to recognise one; you don’t have people offering you help and support, just ‘caus, but because you are such a wonderful person and friend!! – that of course, goes for Dale too 🙂 Blessings for the Christmas season and hugs all around 🙂

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    • Oh Britta
      I just plain love you. You are truly a good friend. Really enjoyed the time spent with both you and Janet. Our camino family tree has some really good “branches” with you two.


  5. Dear Lynda –
    Thank you so very much for your wonderful guest post.
    I agree with you completely when you said that our PGS family started out as a Camino Family that has now evolved into an all-round family and group of friends. It’s my belief that the Camino is a conduit to connect those from across the globe who were meant to become friends, to learn from one another and to support one another.
    I thank the Universe for the day that I started following Bill’s blog back in April 2013 – I think his post on the first ten days was the first post I saw too. I had only just joined Ivar’s Forum when I saw Bill’s thread. The Forum is a Camino miracle for me, as is PGS – the goodwill and the community that we have particularly with PGS is INCREDIBLE.
    I hope that Stacey’s health improves very soon and that 2016 will be a much brighter year for Stacey, for you, Dale, and for all your loved ones. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.
    Much love –
    Jenny xxx

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    • Jenny, one of the unique benefits for me in writing this blog has been meeting and getting to know you, and Britta and Janet, and everyone else who comes here, whether regularly, or every now and then.

      Of course the blog started purely as a means for me to let my family and friends know what I was doing while I walked my first Camino. And I guess that blog was a bit different to the usual blogs because instead of documenting my external journey, I tried to document my internal journey.

      I came back though and two things happened: you guys wanted me to keep blogging, when I would have been happy to shut it down, and I wrote a book to complete this documentation of my inner journey.

      The book as you know has been widely praised, but every now and then I get a criticism from someone saying that I didn’t put in enough of the history of the Camino, or there wasn’t enough practical detail.

      I figured, when I set out to write that book, that others had done that kind of thing before me, and done it well. There wasn’t a need for me to replicate what had been done before. And anyway, that wasn’t why I set out to write that book, it was to complete the Camino for me. To try and make sense of it all.

      And that now is why I continue to blog – to try and make sense of it all. I am a vastly different person now to the one that set off from St. Jean Pied de Port in April 2013. This blog in part has been a witness to the changes that I’ve gone through, and continue to go through.

      I struggle every day to understand – to understand the world, my place in it, how it all works. I don’t have answers, and never pretend to – I am still walking, way past Finisterre. I’m walking into uncharted waters. At least, they’re unchartered for me.

      For me it doesn’t matter if no one turns up to read my blogs, or if five thousand or ten thousand people turn up. It doesn’t matter. Because most of these posts are for me – they are internal memos if you like, documentary evidence of my twisting and turning, of my struggles, of my beliefs and scepticisms.

      I’ve always said that if someone else gets something from my jottings here, then that’s wonderful. I don’t set out to proselytise, to convert, to advise, to set myself up as someone who knows.

      I don’t know. That’s the thing here. I don’t know. But I’m trying to find out. I’ve learned a lot these past couple of years. And perhaps the most important thing I’ve learned is to trust – and to accept things that right now don’t make sense.

      The last sentence I wrote in my book is: The only thing that matters is love. And that’s truer now than ever.

      I love you, and I love Lynda and I love you all.


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      • Bill,
        For my first 60ish years I just lived. Went to school, played, married, raised kids, worked. Through in some volunteering and adopting. But never once did I question who am I, why am I here, what’s my purpose. Not until about five or six years ago. Now it drives me crazy. I think that is why I want to know more about the spiritual level that it appears you, Jennifer, Britta and many that follow your blog are on. I do think that your statement/feeling of all that matters is love is very true. But I think to get to that level of just love, some of the knowledge you and Jen have acquired is very helpful. I think you do know much more than I about who and why and you are greatly helping Dale and me get pointed in the right direction. This kind of sounds like rambling but I greatly appreciate the friendship we have with you and Jen and your willingness to share the knowledge of spiritual matters that you have. Too gushy but I am in a gushy mood.
        Love you and Jen


        • Dear Lynda – it’s ok to be gushy here… 🙂

          Jennifer has the teacher archetype, I have the communicator archetype. As some of you who have met Jennifer know, she is knowledgeable and is higher self connected. But she eschews social media, phones, even emails are difficult for her. She likes to keep to herself. I am comfortable with communicating – and see my role as doing just that… I figure the best thing I can do is make films and write books and do my blog. After all this time now researching the subject of intuition, I’m starting to feel that I know what I have to say. And that will be said in the film.

          The thing about intuition though – it’s integrally connected to spirituality, religion and science. So my learning curve has been, and continues to be, quite significant.

          I know there are a lot of people who read this blog and never comment. And that’s cool. Sometimes I get private emails from them letting me know that something I wrote about connected with them. That pleases me immensely.

          But now it’s time for me to go out walking – today I’m walking 20kms. Sunday morning here. I’ve only had 4 and a half hours sleep, but I have a big Christmas lunch at one of the wineries here, and have to do a walk before that.

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    • Jenny,
      Thanks for the thoughts and prayers. Mine back to you hoping that your shoulder is now all mended and fit.
      You too are one of the original branches in Bills Camino family tree. It has been such fun over the last few years. I know it is a lot of work for Bill but he appears to be superhuman with his ability to get all the things done in a day that he accomplishes. Looking forward to meeting you one day soon.


  6. Lynda,

    This is a beautiful, from the soul post. And I could not agree with you more about the importance of family and with Bill about the only thing that matters is love.

    Love heals, love brings hope, love brings light and love brings more love.

    Lynda, you truly are a strong lady and I am proud to call you my friend. With all the love and prayers sent from all the PGS family for Stacey’s complete recovery, I am positive all will be well. Talk to you soon.

    Remember thoughts become things ~ think positive!


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    • Arlene
      I feel like we are next door best friends and we haven’t even met!. Our phone calls seem like we’ve known each other for years. Thank you Bill for another friend through your blog. Hoping to meet you soon. Call ya later today.


  7. Dear Linda (Dale), what a pleasure to read your blog entry and along with so many who have been part of this Family, I feel so lucky to have clicked on that blog early in 2013, to read what that Aussie was talking about.

    As you might remember I was a “lurker” for a good while before I came out of the “lurking closet”.Truth be told, in the beginning I was wondering what the heck was going on with this Australian, he did not fit the tough and tumble image I had of Australian males. After all they are supposed to be all like Crocodile Dundee and Bill just didn’t fit that image.

    How quickly was I to change my mind as with time I recognized a kindred soul, someone who was struggling physically and spiritually, just like I had been on my own pilgrimage half a year earlier. Each day, I was walking all over again. It was wonderful, because I was able to see “my Camino” through someone else’s eyes and gave me the final push to come out of my Camino Fog.

    I will always treasure my first Camino and the walk along side Bill’s. Now that I have walked and tasted a few more, in my mind, nothing compares to the Camino Frances and the Family I gathered around me, prior, during and post camino.

    You are all part of my post Camino family, valued, loved and so very important to my soul journey. Do I wish I would have already met some of you, oh yes, a thousand times yes. Life has taking me on a different path (for now). I might not have had the chance to hug you physically, but in my heart and soul, you are all part of me each and every day.

    The day, I unlurked, was my day to toss my pebble into this sea, and as the circles grow and grow and intertwine with Yours, there is much we gain from each other and we are blessed.

    Lynda and Dale I hope your daughter will heal quickly and that 2016 brings you all much happiness.

    As I will gather with my family around our Christmas table (24th) that empty places setting (a family tradition) will mean more then just remembering our loved ones that are watching over us, you ALL will be in my heart and I will be thinking of you.

    Wishing you all a most blessed Christmas and in my childhood tradition, a PROSIT 2016!

    Light and Love, Ingrid

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    • Ingrid,
      That was so beautiful. You have a real knack for writing.
      We started reading Bills blog about four months before our Camino so we left for Spain armed with every type of blister remedy known to man. Luckily we didn’t need any. I believe it was you that first mentioned coffee in the morning reading Bill’s post? All of us started out enjoying his Camino and now it’s evolved into enjoying our friendships with each other, Bill, Jen and all the topics he comes up with. Well, with the exception of the dwarf topic!
      Hopefully one day soon we’ll get to meet.
      Always enjoy your writings.

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  8. Thoughts from a relative newbie: I discovered this blog and correspondingly Bill’s “The Way, My Way” while perusing Leslie Gilmour’s Camino Forum. I was looking for discussions and information about the Camino as I plan my Camino journey (still more than a year away). I believe that the first person (perhaps other than Bill himself) to respond to one of my posts was Lynda, who offered a very welcoming response. One of the first things I noticed was the feeling of family among a number of the members of the group.

    So here I am, several months later commenting on this blog. Here I am reading White Witch Black Witch. Like the others, when I look through my lengthy list of new e-mails from the overnight and see “PGS – The Way”, I immediately perk up and can’t wait to see what Bill has posted. I am addicted to this group! Are there frequent discussions about the Camino? No, not really. Am I gaining lots of technical information about my upcoming hike? No, not really. Does that matter? No, not at all. I use Ivar’s and Leslie’s forums for my Camino information.

    So what keeps me on this blog? I believe it’s a number of things. First, Bill is a very intelligent, interesting, insightful, INTUITIVE, (wow, lots of “I” words) and humorous individual, and I look forward to seeing what he has to say. He obviously cares about the readers of this blog…… otherwise, the blog would no longer exist. Second, the other contributors to this blog exude the spirit of family which I find very comforting. Third the contributions of Bill and the other members are often challenging and thought provoking. Members can respectfully disagree with each other in a civil manner.

    So, when I need Camino information, I go to the other Camino forums. When I need Camino family, I come here.

    Lynda and Dale, my thoughts and prayers are with you and Stacey.


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    • George
      You are so right. We are family. And a good dose of Camino family/Bill’s blog every week sure does raise my spirits and I’m sure others as well.
      How are you liking White Witch Black Witch? Can’t wait for Part 2 and hopefully the movie.
      All those “I” words you used would have normally made Bill’s ego grow enormously but he has walked the Camino and is now humble. Tee Hee.
      It didn’t take you long to get addicted like many of us. As you are here longer you will realize even more how extraordinary Bill and Jen are.


      • Lynda,
        I am loving White Witch Black Witch. I am through 11 chapters. Very captivating. My thoughts too on the movie! No way that won’t happen! It would be great to meet up with Bill and Jen the next time they do the Dallas thing.


    • George, it’s been great to get to know you here – and thank you for your very kind words. Thank you also for buying White Witch Black Witch and giving it a read. I’d be interested in your feedback when you’re done.

      Regarding the “tone” of the blog – this is very important to me. Like you when I was preparing for my first Camino, I spent quite a bit of time on Ivar’s blog, and learned a hell of a lot there. But I found that there was, amongst some people there, a sense of territorial propriety – a feeling that they and they alone were guardians of Camino knowledge.

      In other words, I sensed – amongst some prominent people on the forum – ego based discussions, and a need for status. Sometimes quite aggressively. As though the Camino defined their life, and the forum was a way to validate that life. And so when I came back from the Camino, I withdrew from the forum.

      I have tried to maintain a tone here of humility, respect even when you don’t agree, and love. Love is a hard one, because a lot of us don’t really know one another. But love is central towards moving forward on a spiritual path. But we have so many social limiters preventing us from openly expressing love.

      Soon – after my film is finished – I will do my “front door” walk, where I walk out my front door in Mudgee and walk to Finisterre. During that time the blog will return to Camino based stuff! I’m looking forward to that.

      In the meantime I value your presence here – thank you for joining us.


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      • Thanks Bill!

        I look forward to the “Camino based stuff”. I agree with you about Ivar’s forum Lots of very good information, but I feel that those of us still working and not having 30+ days available to walk the full Camino are considered second class pilgrims by at least some of the “elites” on the forum.

        I really hope I am able to meet some or many of this group in the future!


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    • Well Lynda, I wrote one as well, however it must be sitting in Spam or somewhere in the Universe. Hope Bill can retrieve and post. Will give it a day or so. Hugs

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      • Hey Ingrid, thanks for alerting me. Yes it was in the spam filter. I think it spams long posts as a matter of default. Thanks for the wonderful comment. You are a special lady. Bill


  9. What a gorgeous tribute from a gorgeous human being! It is an amazing thing that Bill created. Like you, I feel fortunate to be amongst the inner circle of family that has grown out of a spiritual journey I never imagined I would take. Thank you Bill and Jen and all the other special people that I call friends. And Lynda, thank you for putting into words. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all! ❤️❤️❤️🎄🎄🎄🍾🍾🍾💃🏿💃🏿💃🏿

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    • Jill
      I thought I had responded to you but I guess not other than the email. Anyway, as Bill has stated I too feel very lucky to have you and all the others from the India trip and the blog as friends. Hope your trip to Capetown is a safe one and look forward to talking with you upon your return. Steve was very correct when he told me that Dale and I would love you.


  10. Hi Lynda, yes your post was gushy, warm and fuzzy and just what we all need to be reminded of and that is our connection as a family. Feeling and expressing gratitude is so wonderful at any time, particularly so in this season of Xmas. So thank you Lynda for your gushy post and merry xmas from another member of the camino family. xx

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    • Angie
      Really hope you’ll be back up this way soon and that we can meet up. It would be fun to do a little hiking/camino here in the Pacific NW. Hope you have a Merry Chrissie!!


  11. Lynda,

    I am a little late to your party, but I could not agree with you any more about what a wonderful man and mate we have all found in Bill Bennett. He is one of the smartest and most selfless men I have had the pleasure of meeting. His and my “love affair” begin on day 12 of his first Camino when I was introduced to his blog about a month before I showed up in St Jean. Because of Bill, I learned how to write a blog and chronicled my own trip much as he had his. I have followed his blog ever since and have written my own but only when walking. How he finds so many interesting and profound thoughts to share with all of us beyond me.

    Because of Bill, I joined his Camino Portuguese tour in 2014, primarily, just to meet him and bond with him in person. Bond we did and we continue to be bonded to this day. It is not important whether I comment on his blog each day, he can always see by my “like” that I am always with him.

    Last summer when I was having so much trouble recovering from my prostatectomy, Bill and Jennifer were in Dallas, and drove all the way to Houston, about 250 miles, just to see me for a few hours, even though I spent that entire day in a room in the emergency ward of Methodist Hospital. What a pick me up and what a selfless act to drive to Houston and back, just to cheer me up. Following that visit, hardly a day went by that Bill did not check in with me by telephone to see how I was doing, no matter what country he was in at the time.

    I know I still have much to learn from him. He is my friend, and I love him like a brother.

    Lynda, if we all continue to keep Stacey in our prayers, miracles come from such activity. I am so sorry that she and you and Dale have to deal with such painful events. But, you would never realize the strife in your life and those you love from that gorgeous photo that you ended your blog with.

    A heartfelt Merry Christmas, Seasons Greetings, and a new year filled with health, joy, laughter, peace, and prosperity to all in this wonderful family who pass through these doors.


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    • Dear Steve – mate – thank you for these beautiful sentiments. I could not have any better Christmas present… other than a new Sony a7RII that is… haha – No, I mean it. I learn from you every day. And when you were crook, it was the least I could do. I wished I could have done more. When I embarked on my journey of spiritual growth, which I guess started with that first Camino, Jennifer said to me that I would lose friends… and I have… but she also said that I would gain more friends than I would lose… and that’s happened too. And your friendship is one I value most dearly. Thank you once again – and yes, let’s all put our collective thoughts, prayers, meditations, and best intentions into the wellness of Stacey, and the strength and courage of Lynda and Dale – two truly remarkably good people…


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  12. Steve my friend,
    It was you whom taught Dale and I how to get started on WordPress to do my blog when we did our Camino in 2013. I remember it well. It was like the night before we were leaving the US and I was desperate. Couldn’t figure it out and no time to read reams of instructions. You came through for us. One pilgrim helping another!
    Your feelings for Bill and Jen are the same as ours. I cannot believe how wonderful they have been. Last year on the exact day that we were to put our deposit for Italy in, Stacey found out she had cancer. It was devastating to us. We cancelled going on the Italian Camino to concentrate on helping Stacey and our two grandkids as she is a single parent. Bill understood . They called weekly for updates on Stacey and gave us well wishes and words of encouragement. Stacey was pronounced cancer free last April and we then signed on for India but during the trip her cancer returned. Bill and Jen have called with support almost weekly since we got the horrible news. Cancer should not happen to anyone but really hard when its your child. Stacey will be 48 next month but she is still my child. The calls from Bill and Jen (angels) have been the bright spots in our lives since we got back from India. A call from Bill and Jen can really lift ones spirit.
    We too still have much to learn from our Aussie friends!
    Thank you Steve and all the others that have Stacey in their prayers! Thursday is her last chemo treatment for this round and we are hoping for a Christmas miracle. The acciudent still has her chest in much pain but the sores in her mouth and throat from the chemo really have her down at the moment.
    Merry Christmas Steve
    (As for the picture, Bill stuck that in and I have no recollection as to when and where that was taken).


  13. I forwarded this blog post to my friend Sue Hansen as she is instrumental in all of this for me as you will see. She is recovering from surgery last week and sent me a message for me to forward to this blog. So, without further delay, here is Sue’s post:

    Hi Lynda,
    You don’t know me, but I felt compelled to respond to your post. I am the one who introduced Steve to Bill’s blog right before I left on my 2013 Camino, so we must have been walking at just about the same time. Perhaps we even offered a “Buen Camino” to each other without knowing it!
    My thoughts about Bill and Jen are echoed in your post and my heart goes out to you as you help your daughter through her fight. I too have been fighting cancer, though a much less aggressive type and have been helped & supported greatly by Steve, Bill & Jen. As you say, we are all like a big world family! I don’t know if will help, you can decide for yourself, but I have found a great deal of emotional comfort/healing from something called EFT- Emotional Freedom Technique. It is pretty alternative, but I find it intriguing and who knows…perhaps it could help you and your daughter. The main website is, or you can search Gary Craig on You Tube (and also Brad Yates) I was introduced to this by a Brit trained as an engineer who thought it was a load of “you know what” but did it to pacify his wife!! He has ended up as an EFT therapist who has been helping people for 12 years!! As he says, he can’t really explain why it works, but it seems to!
    I wish you all the best.
    Sue Hansen

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    • Thank you Sue, we will try just about anything. Too many people getting cancer. Will keep you in our prayers and thoughts as well. Going to study up on EFT tonight. Thank you again and Merry Christmas.


  14. PS: Bill and Jen met Sue when they were visiting me last July so she was able to get an up close and personal introduction to them. Sue had planned to go to India and was excited to get to meet Bill and Jen before hand, but alas, she had a recurrence of her cancer also, so that ended her trip, just like it did mine. But, we both are on the mend again and appear to be cancer free.


    • Steve – as you know it was such a great pleasure to meet Sue, who is a beautiful lady, and then very sad when she couldn’t make it to India – as it was with you and your situation! Jen and I will be coming back to Texas I’m sure in 2016, because after all my cosmic energy is centred there! And when we do, of course we’ll meet up with you and Sue again…

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      • PGS is going to have a premiere in Dallas isn’t it?
        Today is tomorrow already in Australia I do believe so Merry Christmas Eve Bill and Jen, Jenny, Britta, Janet, and Ken and Angie and I think Greg is down under as well. Let’s all have Happy Holidays and make next year only good things for all.


        • Best, best wishes to you, Dale, Stacey and all your family Lynda for Christmas and New Year. May 2016 bring you all wonderful blessings of health and happiness, with a complete recovery for Stacey so that she will have excellent health once again.
          I’m thinking of you all and sending you my love –
          Jenny xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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