How they let you know they’re here ~

We were driving to dinner last night. 

Dinner with friends. 

Jennifer and I rarely socialise, but these were long time friends – a prominent winegrower from the district, his gorgeous wife, and a couple who have recently walked the Camino for the first time. All dear friends, and Jennifer and I were looking forward to catching up with them.

Dinner was at the winery – one of the most beautiful wineries in Mudgee, which is a town not short of beautiful wineries. It’s about 20 minutes drive from our house. 

They said 6pm. As we were driving out I looked at the clock and saw that we were going to be early. 

I said as such to Jennifer: I don’t want to be early. We should pull over somewhere and wait. 

My phone rang. It was the security service that monitors our house alarm.

Sir, your alarm has just been activated from the lounge room, they said. 

I quickly did a U turn and drove back to the house. Whenever the alarm goes off, I freak out that someone has broken in. 

No-one had broken in. Jennifer had put our dog in our bedroom upstairs but forgotten to close the door. The dog had wandered downstairs, into the lounge room, and triggered the alarm. 


We put the dog upstairs in the bedroom, closed the door, reactivated the alarm, and drove off again. 

As we were driving out of town, out into the vineyards, I looked at the clock. We would now arrive at about 6:15pm. A good and courteous time to arrive. 

Did you see what happened? Jennifer said. You told the Universe you didn’t want to be early. And then you got the call from the security service. And now we’ll be arriving exactly when you want to arrive. 

She was right. I hadn’t connected the two. I had barely said I don’t want to be early, and I got that call. And now we were on time. 

I got several things from this: 

  1. Your words, and thoughts, are incredibly powerful.
  2. They’re listening, and they’ll do their best to try and do what you want.
  3. You have to be very careful what you say, and what you think – because thoughts are just words unspoken, deeds not yet done. 
  4. They do these little things for you to remind you that they’re with you for the big things too. 
  5. All you have to do is ask, with full intent.
We had a great dinner. Four wonderful friends, beautiful food, magnificent wines of course, great conversations. And as we drove home, I thought about the house alarm incident, about how my wish not to be early had been fulfilled. 
You might think it was just a coincidence, and that I’m placing too much significance on something trivial that just happened. But how else do they let you know they’re here, with you, and they’re working for you?
Who are “they?” 
They’re part of your Personal Guidance System. 

15 thoughts on “How they let you know they’re here ~

  1. Bill,
    I get the wishing positively for things you want to happen but how do you keep the negative thoughts from creeping in and taking over. With all the bad stuff going on in my family’s life right now I want my positive things to materialize but if these negative things that I keep trying to say are “not my thoughts/don’t make that happen” actually do happen I don’t want to be responsible for the thought/action!


    • Start with the breathing and follow with whatever form of meditating that suits you πŸ™‚ – followed by lots of cyber hugs!!!

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    • Hi Lynda – it’s not about wishing positive things, it’s about acknowledging that everything is working out as it should, even though it might not be apparent at the moment.

      There’s no point denying that some dreadful things have happened – because they have – but be conscious that your reaction to it stems from your emotional self, and not your mental or spiritual self.

      Your emotional self only knows one way to behave – it’s highly reactive, and knee jerks everything that it sees. In your current situation, it seems like it’s screaming at you that everything is a disaster and it’s getting worse and worse each day.

      You need to put in a circuit breaker to your emotional self, and use your mental self and your innate intelligence and take a really radical stand with determination and say: Everything that is happening now is success in my world.

      That might be extremely hard at the moment, given your current situation, but rather than always think positive, all you have to do is declare every hour that everything that is taking place in your world is a success. The hard part is to believe it when you say it. But what is happening at the moment is only appearance.

      That doesn’t mean you should deny what’s happening, you’ve got to work with it and say – I know this is bad, but I know good lives within it as well, and at this moment I don’t know what that good is, but i know it’s there.

      That’s true positive thinking. Wishing something is just a wish. Knowing that the good exists is what will help you…

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  2. Well Bill, you are teaching very well and your post is a wonderful reminder of the power of intuition and our innate connection with the cosmos.

    Lynda, I always find that deep breathing is a good way to go into a relaxed meditative state. It is actually hard to keep thoughts out of my busy mind sometimes so using prayers, affirmations or a sanskrit mantra can be very helpful with mindful concentration. Chopra is very good with sanskrit mantras. Starting with short meditations of maybe 10 minutes is perfectly ok – whatever works because everyone is unique and different. xx

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  3. Hi Bill and Jen and PGS family – I think the credit should go to your gorgeous pooch for getting you to your dinner at a good and courteous time! He/she could have fallen asleep on the bed but he/she picked up on the vibe that you didn’t want to be early so he/she made sure you weren’t! GOOD DOG!!!
    Cheers – Jenny


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