PGS film / where we’re at ~

As some of you who follow this blog might know, for the past twelve months I’ve been filming my documentary on intuition.

It’s called: PGS – Intuition is your Personal Guidance System.

Or I might call it –

The Voice That Saved My Life.

Here is a link to a reel – we call it a “sizzle reel” which we created about 15 months ago, detailing what the film will be about –


Here is an updated reel we’ve just finished detailing what’s happened the last twelve months, and what’s needed to complete the film.


Some of you who follow this blog have very kindly supported this project with investment. To those of you who have done so, Jennifer and I thank you sincerely.

I hope the film will ultimately deliver to you, and to the world, all we wish for.

monkey god at night

5 thoughts on “PGS film / where we’re at ~

  1. Fabulous, Bill! Both sizzle reels……sizzle! As they say in Hawaii, they gave me “chicken skin”! (Goosebumps for others.) Your film is going to be truly extraordinary. Big cheers! With love, Michael


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