India – d3 / to Amritsar

We’ve spent yesterday and today scouting Delhi in preparation for the tour, and this afternoon we hopped on a train to Amritsar,

Amritsar is in the state of Punjab, in the north of India, and the reason we’re here is to see the Golden Temple – one of the great spiritual sites of India – sacred to the Sikhs.

The train trip took 6 and a half hours. It was comfortable, the food was edible, the toilets were prison yard standard.

Not that I’ve used a toilet in a prison yard….

But I can imagine.

Before leaving for the railway station, we stopped in at Ghandi’s Tomb – where Jennifer became suddenly in demand to be in everyone’s photos…

Jen having photo taken

And at India Gate, she had her hands adorned with henna –

women hennas close on henna hand jen with hands

And then the train, and a fascinating journey.

AC chair car child sleeping on train lady on train

We’ve arrived late, and tomorrow we go to the Golden Temple, and to the Wagah Border ceremony…


7 thoughts on “India – d3 / to Amritsar

  1. Bill
    They recognized Jen as the beautiful film star that she is! Her hands are gorgeous. Does she have to be careful with it or it dries easily. Looks like it is raised and would smear. Beautiful, Jennifer!!
    As for the bathrooms. . . I’m bringing a cork!

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    I have been following Bill’s blog since it began April 10, 2013 while he was on his original Camino. Then he followed mine while I was on my first Camino about 5 weeks later. We more or less formed a strange long distance friendship. Strange because of living on opposite sides of the globe. Then I joined him and Jennifer on their first Portuguese Camino tour, mainly just so I could meet this interesting friend face to face. We had a wonderful time together and really bonded as friends.

    I have seen he and Jennifer a couple of times in the states when they have been here and I planned to make the India tour.

    On July 1st of this year I had a radical prostatectomy which was a simple enough operation, and a very successful one, I might add, but I have had nothing but unimaginable complications since the surgery. If it could go wrong, it has. This is day 65 and I am in the process of scheduling a bone biopsy to determine whether or not I may have bone infection. I have had continuous pain along my pelvic floor and where the adductor muscle tendons attach to the pelvis.

    Now, here is the point. Bill Bennett has called me at least every other day to check on how I am doing since the surgery. It doesn’t matter where he is in the world, United States, Australia, and now India, he calls, including this morning. When he and Jennifer were in Dallas last month, he drove four hours each way from Dallas to Houston just to spend some time with me in an Emergency Room where I was being treated that day.

    I am sure all of you know what a brilliant film director, author, photographer, and communicator Bill is, but this is a side of Bill that most of you have not had the need or opportunity to see. The man is amazing, and I am so very proud to call him my mate, as they say in Australia, or friend as we say here.

    I love him like a brother. He is the best.

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    • Steve,
      I agree with you. Bill and Jen are the best and I am honored to call them friends. I was going on the Assisi tour but couldn’t as my daughter had ovarian cancer (now cancer free) and we watched our grand children during surgery and chemo.. They called frequently with good wishes and support. I do believe that both Bill and Jen exemplify the goodness that we all strive for.
      Steve, I don’t email you often or call but both Dale and I are sad that you won’t be in India with us but you are in our thoughts constantly and will finally get to meet soon when your infection is healed. Hoping that is soon!


    • Dear Steve, mate,

      What you are going through is unimaginable. Who would have thought that such a fit and healthy man as yourself could be reduced to such a state of incapacitation, and have to endure such pain each day. And after a simple straight forward operation that should have had you back in the gym three days later.

      I wish there was more I could do to help you. I really do. All I can do is keep in touch, and let you know that you are loved by me, by Jennifer, and by many others – some you know, many you probably don’t, and some are outside of immediate knowing.

      This is a bizarre situation which is outside the norm. This just doesn’t usually happen. There is nothing you have done, in action or intent, to bring this on. So there must be stuff happening here on a deeper realm from which you can only benefit long term.

      Perhaps that’s my purpose. Perhaps that’s why we became such unlikely friends, as you said. Because perhaps we have a karmic contract that goes beyond this lifetime.

      Whichever way you look at it Steve, you’re a remarkable man. You don’t do things by halves. When you decide to get rich, you get very rich. When you decide to get fit , you become a champion body builder. Now you’ve decided to get ill – and yes, on a deeper level you made that decision – and now you are very ill. My purpose is to help you figure out why – and to help you embrace a way of thought, and action, that will break this lifetime’s cycle of boom and bust for you.

      As for my keeping in touch? Mate it’s the least I can do. As I say, I wish I could do more. But sometimes just a quick call from a mate on the other side of the world can do wonders. And anyway, if I were in your situation I’m sure you’d do the same.

      That’s what mates do.


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      • Could we have been connected in past lives? I am not sure that I believe in “past lives”. I am not sure that I don’t. So, I simply remain open minded to all possibilities that impact who we are today and the connections that strangely feel so close in this life. But, no matter how or why, I feel a deep emotional and spiritual connection to Bill Bennett in this life. What am I to learn from this connection? I don’t know. But I remain open minded to accept it. I know it is and will be very valuable.

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        • Dear Steve – well I think it’s remarkable that you are taking this period of ill health as calmly as you are. You aren’t taking a woe-is-me attitude, nor a blame-game attitude. You are accepting of the situation while doing everything you can to ensure you return to good health. And yes, you’ve also had your moments when you’ve been down, and angry, and incredulous – and you wouldn’t be human if you didn’t run that gamut of emotions. There are things to take from this, going forward once you’re better, because you can’t go through what you’ve gone through and return to normal programming.


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