Theme of Indian tour ~

Jennifer and I are getting ready to travel again – we leave for India next Tuesday.

We’ll spend nearly two weeks doing a pre-tour scout, up to Amritsar and Dharmsala sorting out final details, before returning to Delhi to meet our guests when they arrive.

Jennifer yesterday asked what the “narrative” of the tour should be.

It was an interesting question.

The narrative of the Assisi tour was the life of St. Francis.

I thought about this and figured the narrative of the Mother Ganga tour should be –

Many many Gods.

I had put this as a title on one of the photos on our Gone Tours website. And it seems appropriate because we will be experiencing the many faces of Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Sikhism, and Islam over the two weeks of the tour.

By the way, we’ve had some last minute withdrawals from the tour because of personal illness – so there are a couple of vacancies if you want to jump in and join us.


9 thoughts on “Theme of Indian tour ~

  1. Thanks, Bill, an appropriate moniker for the tour. Much as I’m enjoying time with family in DC, I’m also hugely looking forward to all you, Jennifer, India and all it’s gods can provide πŸ™‚


    • Haha – yes Britta. Had a good chat to Janet last night. She’ll fill you in on everything, but we’ll arrange pick up at the airport for you and her. And I think Jen is already planning a shopping trip Saturday morning!


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