I had my family reunion this past weekend.

We had a great time in Stanthorpe.

They come from the rational / empirical / scientific world.

They are vets and doctors and dentists and social workers and one is a remarkable policeman who deals with issues such as domestic violence, mental health problems, alcohol and drug dependency and so forth.

In other words, they are all healers, in one way or another.

And they are all sceptics, when it comes to psychic healing.

I told them that I had been to two doctors to fix my persistent cough – a cough that had lingered for quite a few months. I had taken two different types of antibiotics, and still the cough had persisted.

And then I began coughing up blood, and the next day I met Michael Tamura, the psychic healer at Mount Shasta.

Michael fixed my cough.

He went into my energetic field, he found stuff that was preventing me being “whole,” and with my permission he cleared it.

Michael sent me an email overnight. I spoke with him today and he’s allowed me to post part of it here. You might find it interesting. I had asked him if healing could be done remotely…

Yes, healing can be “done” remotely.  In fact, healing already is and therefore not bound by time or space.  Healing essentially is our realization that we are whole.  So, it comes whenever we see the truth rather than be convinced of a lie or illusion we hold in our mind.
When I “gave” you that healing in our home, waving my hands around and all that (that’s the Italian part of me! Hahaha…. I use my hands to talk!), I merely helped you see a bit more of the truth and you realized a bit more of your wholeness. 
What does it mean to “move some unhealthy energy or pattern out”?  It just means that when you realize that what you’ve been suffering from was due to seeing and thinking that what wasn’t true (a lie or illusion) was true and real, then, you naturally drop that way of thinking and the illness or condition disappears.
It’s exactly the same as waking up from a bad dream – you realize that it was nothing more than a dream conjured up in your own mind somehow and once you know that, you know with certainty that it wasn’t real and so it didn’t really exist.  Yet, when you are dreaming something, it truly feels, looks, tastes, smells and sounds real – until you wake up.
When I “gave” you that healing, I was just pointing out the “mini-dreams” in your mind that you were dreaming about and helping you wake up from them – that’s the “clearing out other people’s energy” part of the “healing”.  

When a person decides that he no longer sees a purpose for being ill, but doesn’t quite have the certainty in himself to wake himself up from that particular bad dream, he’ll seek help from something or someone that represents that certainty for him so that he can wake up from that bad dream and be well.  

That something or someone may be medicine, herbs, surgery, a medical doctor, a therapist, a spiritual healer, whatever.  It’s whatever helps him have faith that he can be healed.  

The “healing” is there always within you at all times – no one can “give” that to you.  But, if you are willing, someone or something can give you a “good kick” in the right direction, so to speak!

Michael Tamura-5

Here is Michael’s book – YOU ARE THE ANSWER.


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