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Today was the last day of filming. And it was an interview with Caroline Myss.

Caroline Myss is to intuition what the “L” is to Chicago. For those interested in intuition, she is a goddess. For those interested in intuitive healing, she is a magician.

She’s written many books, perhaps the most well known are ANATOMY OF THE SPIRIT, SACRED CONTRACTS, and ENTERING THE CASTLE. 

Here is Caroline Myss’ Amazon page – CAROLINE MYSS’ BOOKS

Caroline is a genuine mystic. She describes herself as a Roman Catholic mystic. She is a fast talking, no nonsense, no bullshit, purveyor of truth. She has no time for frauds, for pretence, for fakery or deceit of any kind.

I asked her about science and its attitude to intuition, and she let forth a blast on the spiritual movement, and its inability to step up to the plate and see things clearly.

Her interview was fascinating because she was able to talk in terms of myths and archetypes – both subjects she has written on widely, and knows intimately.

What came through strongly though was her passion, and her wisdom.

We both didn’t realise but today – the day of the interview – was the 70th anniversary of the dropping of the nuclear bomb on Hiroshima. She did a 9 minute monologue about how the very nature of our existence changed when that atom was split. She brought it all back to the Vedic belief that “As is the atom, so is the Universe.”

It was an amazing piece of oratory.

I don’t know how I can use it in my film on intuition, but I’d like to find a way to make it available because it was a wonderfully passionate and erudite verbal treatise on how our very existence changed irrevocably when that atom was split.

I’d gone into the interview very prepared with a list of maybe 25 questions. About five minutes into the interview I threw them all away because I knew the interview wasn’t going to follow a conventional course. And so I followed her leads.

The interview lasted about 90 minutes, and I didn’t refer to my questions once.

Caroline was the last interviewee on this current trip. Tomorrow we return to Australia. It’s been an extraordinary journey, this one. We’ve met some remarkable people. And they each have contributed to the film in their own unique way.

I have some fabulous footage to review when I get back home.

Caroline Myss (4 of 9) Caroline Myss (9 of 9)

4 thoughts on “PGS / caroline myss ~

  1. I completely forgot that you were going to my home town!!! Did you see the commemorative plaque on the hospital where I was born? I think Ernest Hemingway, another Oak Park native, is a bit more famous than me so perhaps he got the plaque. Hopefully you got to sample some great food and architecture in Oak Park. A perfect finish to your interviews!


    • Hi Michael – Jen and I did wander around Oak Park. What a special place! Caroline lives in the street with all the Frank Lloyd Wright homes. Her house is magnificent. And now I know why the hotel wifi password is Hemingway!! haha –


  2. So, Bill, did she mention that she’s going to be in Australia soon, doing some stuff with the Wake Up Project? Safe travel home, where we’re still having a cool, but sunny winter 🙂


    • Yes – and we agreed to meet up for dinner in Sydney before she starts her Australian tour. She LOVES Australia, although she’s freaked out by all the ways you can die there! haha. She’s such a wonderful lady.


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