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As part of my research into the film I’m making: PGS – Intuition is your Personal Guidance System – I’ve been doing a lot of reading about the science of intuition.

This has led me to a fascinating book written by Dr. Robert Lanza called:  BIOCENTRISM – HOW LIFE AND CONSCIOUSNESS ARE THE KEYS TO UNDERSTANDING THE TRUE NATURE OF THE UNIVERSE –

If you haven’t heard of Dr. Lanza, well, he’s one truly extraordinary person.

He is regarded as one of the world’s leading research scientists. He specialises in Stem Cell biological research, and last year was selected by Time Magazine as being one of the 100 Most Important Minds in the world.

Here is his bio:

His book, Biocentrism, has shaken up traditional scientific thinking not only on the nature and genesis of the universe, but also about consciousness itself.

Here is what Nobel Prize winning scientist E Donnall Thomas said of the book:

Like ‘A brief history of time’ it is indeed stimulating and brings biology into the whole. Any short statement does not do justice to such a scholarly work. Almost every society of mankind has explained the mystery of our surroundings and being by invoking a god or group of gods. Scientists work to acquire objective answers from the infinity of space or the inner machinery of the atom. Lanza proposes a biocentrist theory which ascribes the answer to the observer rather than the observed. The work is a scholarly consideration of science and philosophy that brings biology into the central role in unifying the whole. The book will appeal to an audience of many different disciplines because it is a new way of looking at the old problem of our existence. Most importantly, it makes you think.”

Essentially, what Dr. Lanza proposes is groundbreaking: that the Universe came into existence to create life – and that consciousness existed before the creation of the Universe. That the Universe would not exist without consciousness.

Wrap your head around THAT one!

Dr. Lanza is a scientist. He eschews the concept of God – and yet he addresses this within his book. How can he not?

Here are Dr. Lanza’s seven principles of Biocentrism –

  1. What we perceive as reality is a process that involves our consciousness. An “external” reality, if it existed, would by definition have to exist in space. But this is meaningless, because space and time are not absolute realities but rather tools of the human and animal mind.
  2. Our external and internal perceptions are inextricably intertwined. They are different sides of the same coin and cannot be divorced from one another.
  3. The behavior of subatomic particles, indeed all particles and objects, is inextricably linked to the presence of an observer. Without the presence of a conscious observer, they at best exist in an undetermined state of probability waves.
  4. Without consciousness, “matter” dwells in an undetermined state of probability. Any universe that could have preceded consciousness only existed in a probability state.
  5. The structure of the universe is explainable only through biocentrism. The universe is fine-tuned for life, which makes perfect sense as life creates the universe, not the other way around. The “universe” is simply the complete spatio-temporal logic of the self.
  6. Time does not have a real existence outside of animal-sense perception. It is the process by which we perceive changes in the universe.
  7. Space, like time, is not an object or a thing. Space is another form of our animal understanding and does not have an independent reality. We carry space and time around with us like turtles with shells. Thus, there is no absolute self-existing matrix in which physical events occur independent of life.

Here is a fascinating interview with Deepak Chopra:

I found the book to be very accessible, beautifully written, and Lanza was able to describe complex physical and scientific processes and concepts in a way that was immediately understandable.

I thoroughly recommend the book.

Here is the book on Amazon:

Robert Lanza

2 thoughts on “PGS / Biocentrism

  1. Mr. Bennet:

    As I am sure you know, what Dr. Lanza calls as “Biocentrism” is essentially the principles Vedanta/advaita. So I am surprised that you call this “groundbreaking”.


    Mani Sundaresan


    • Hi Mani –

      yes, in fact he addresses this in the book – but I say it’s a breakthrough in scientific thinking, but of course the Eastern religions, philosophies, and mystics have been saying this for three thousand years, or more.

      What’s groundbreaking is that a celebrated scientist is saying this from a scientific viewpoint, not a religious, spiritual, or mystic viewpoint.


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