Guest post – Angie / What has stayed with me ~

Angela Mitchell and her husband Ken joined us on the Assisi tour.

Jennifer and I have become good friends with them since our time together walking the Camino Portuguese.

Angie is a Weird & Whacky – unashamedly.
Just like Jennifer.
And maybe, just like me too…

Anyway, here are her thoughts on the Via di Francesco pilgrimage…

Angie putting water on face


I have been thinking hard and fast since committing to writing a post for Bill’s blog because I think that for me there were so many levels to the Via di Francesco Walking Tour.

So I have been spending some thinking time mulling over how to communicate all the salient aspects of this memorable walk.

At the physical level there was the joy of walking in this beautiful country and enjoying the scenery each day as I trekked up and down the mountains.

 At a personal level there was the connection and friendship of us pilgrims; we all got on so well.

I have decided to throw all caution to the winds and talk instead in a weird and whacky way.

At a deeper level, the spiritual aspect resonated with me as I read about this humble man Francis who gave up all his wealth to live a life of poverty and serve.

Mural with wolf

As you might know already, I have been emerged in esoteric literature for over 20 years and have a high interest in concepts like incarnation, the universe, energy, consciousness and vibrational frequency.


I have read about the Ascended Masters and found out in a number of spiritual new age books that a Master called Lord Kuthumi, also referred to as a World Teacher, lived one of his incarnated lives as the man called Francis.

It is written that St Francis was 44 years old when he died in 1226. He was the Founder of the Franciscan Order, a Roman Catholic Order of Friars and Nuns. He was canonised as a saint on July 1228 by Pope Gregory 1X.

So in addition to the joys of walking with friends there was a deep need inside of me to walk and experience the energy that I believe is part of the San Francesco Way

Did I feel the energy on the roads and paths everyday?

The answer is yes!

Angela on walk RV

The energy has to do with love and light and I felt a level of awareness and peace all at the same time.

To me this is not specifically a religious thing, a Catholic Church thing. It is a deeper more meaningful ethereal energy that is connected to the love and light of the universe that is there for everyone and every person.

As I walked along I contemplated on all our different jobs in life and considered that we all serve in so many diverse ways, and that we are all equal as we journey towards conscious awareness.

Peter and Ken photbombing Marie and Angie

Walking into Assisi and into the Basilica was special as it is a beautiful church, and yes I could feel the energy, the level of consciousness vibrating in this holy place.

Inside Basilica

I also saw the trillion of pilgrims, whether they walked or were bussed; they were all here for their own reasons.

What has stayed with me more than anything else is the energy of the San Francesco Way and at times I still feel I am walking in the mountains.

Thank you Jennifer and Bill, you did so very well!

St. Francis with the wolf 2


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