India tour – getting closer

The Assisi Tour is now over, and we’re starting to think of the next one –

The Mother Ganga Tour, in September.

We are now finalising arrangements – organising hotel rooms and flights – and there are still places available – so if you wish to come and you haven’t already placed a deposit, please get in touch and I can connect you with my travel agent Duncan Ford, who handles the money.

Here’s my email:

The Indian Tour promises to be amazing – check the website for the itinerary.

Looking forward, we’re considering a Celtic Camino next April / May 2016 – where we walk around various “rings” on the west coast of Ireland, culminating at the spectacular Cliffs of Moher.

Whether we do that tour or not will depend on the level of interest.

Sadhu on Rishikesh bridge

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  1. We need to figure a way where we could all just travel 11 months out of the year. I would like to be home for Christmas! Can hardly wait for India! Ooooooh Ireland!! Hmmm.


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