Assisi / The tour in pics / pt1 ~

Because of lousy internet in many of the places along the way, it was not possible to post all the shots I wanted to –

Also, it’s not possible for me to fully visualise the majesty of this walk. It was magnificent. Every day we climbed mountains and looked across valleys to distant farmlands and castles and villas and more misty hills and mountains – and we were often left speechless by the sheer beauty of it.

On this walk there wasn’t one ugly day – well, except for the day when I took my trousers off to adjust my brace.

That wasn’t pretty.

So here now is the first part of a small selection of shots that for me encapsulate the spirit of the tour –

They’re by no means the best shots I took – I’ll post a separate blog of the shots I like the most – but they document moments which hopefully will jog memories for us.

Also, I missed a lot of shots of stuff that happened which I wasn’t witness to – Patty for instance riding down a freeway embankment on a wheely bin. Wish I’d photographed that! But when that happened I was climbing halfway up a mountain trying to get around a timber blockade.

Anyway, this is the first part of these disparate shots – and some are desperate too! – and as I say, they haven’t been selected for their photographic virtuosity, but to tell stories that mean something to those of us who did the walk…

I’ll do the second half in the next day or so…

I would like to add: To Ken, Angela, Peter, Marie, Patty, Ivan and Giovanna, Elena, and Jennifer, I’d like to thank you for making this tour something that will live with me forever.

BarnaclesThe group at La VernaThe Guard of honourMarie at signpostAngela with flowersWalking into PSSCarrying Peter's bagTimber crossing our pathPeter at quarryFirst picnic by bridgeDown woodland pathKen and Peter by grassGiovanna, Jen and IvanPeter seeing GodWalking to CiternaWalking to Citerna wsSigrid greeting meKen, glasses, and PeteLeaving CiternaDistant villagePete waving polesIvan and GiovannaIn chestnut forestPete taking photo with daisiespilgrims on road.WSDog with swannies capPicnic without mozzarellaBuffaloWalking up hillWalking down trackIvan restingWalking down track.2Angie by Citta di Castelloceremony at churchFiat exhibitionIn Cita di Castella

4 thoughts on “Assisi / The tour in pics / pt1 ~

  1. I agree with Donna. Fabulously stunning photos! One can really feel how much fun you all had on this Camino. Everyone is always smiling (except maybe Bill when the dog took his hat or when the lady opened the door to the “abandoned” farmhouse)! I’ll bet the smiles and laughter from Peter and Ken more than made up for the frowns from Bill at that door being opened. Still laughing!!
    Mucho hugs


    • Yes Lynda, it was enormous fun. Patty isn’t in many of these early shots, because we would often become separated, but she brought a wit along that was sharp, profane at times, and hilarious. And of course Marie has a very sly sense of humour. And then there was Angie with her Weird and Whacky crap – jeeeees… Three very funny ladies made us blokes laugh a lot…

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