Assisi d14 / Away…

Today we went our separate ways.

Very sad.

It was a fabulous group of people, including Ivan the Terrible and his Beautiful Wife Giovanna – and for a very brief time, Sigrid and her husband Roland. Sigrid is a die-hard pilgrim, and it was wonderful to catch up with her again.

Meeting and getting to know Patty Talbot has been a true highlight for Jen and me as well.

Patty MCU

She is a remarkable lady – she has a sharp intellect and an even sharper sense of humour. She creaked us up many a time. I look forward to her coming to Australia, so that I can show her once and for all that Drop Bears are in fact real, and will suck out your brains.

drop bear

Also, for someone who claims she did no training for this tour, she did amazingly well over some of the steepest terrain. She nailed a few long days, which on this walk was no mean feat. I hope we stay in touch…

So this morning, Jennifer and I woke up early and went up to the Basilica one last time –

Jen heading to Basilica Jen heading to Basilica rv Jen heading to Basilica2

Jen in lower basilica

I took too many photos of Jennifer and she tried to kick me – which I didn’t think was very pilgrim-esque, nor appropriate behaviour for where we were…

Jen kicking me

We said goodbye to Patty, who took a cab to the train station to head back to Pisa, then home to the UK – then we loaded up the small rental and piled in – Jennifer and Marie in the back, in between luggage –

Jen and Marie & Angie in car

Me driving and Pete in the front beside. Ken and Angie waved us off –

Ken & Angie saying goodbye

They’re staying in Assisi for a few more days before heading back to Oz –

Ken & Angie at hotel

We then whizzed down to Rome, where we dropped Peter off at the airport, which was sad too. Peter has been a strong and steadying figure throughout the walk – and a huge amount of fun too. Over the past two weeks we’ve shared many a laugh – in fact I’ve shared many a laugh with Ken and Angie too, and Patty, and Marie, and Ivan and Giovanna – bloody hell, it’s actually been a very funny tour.

group laughing I forgot to mention, we got our Via di Francesco Compostelas yesterday. That was very cool…CompostelasI’ll finish off this blog bow with a series of photos I took of Marie last night.

Marie had asked that we bring her an insect net from Australia, because often she walks and has problems with bugs. She had seen someone wearing an insect net in one of the posts I’d done from Uluru – and asked if we could get her one.

Yesterday we gave it to her – and I asked her to do a little modelling – firstly I asked her to  act like she was a bank robber or killer – then I asked her to dance.

I’m not sure which is the scarier…

Marie 2 Marie 1

Marie 3 Marie 4 Marie 5 Marie 6 Marie 7 Marie 8


6 thoughts on “Assisi d14 / Away…

    • Hi Lynda, we haven’t communicated until now, but I wanted to give you a hearty thank you for the barnacle bottle. It was so very appropriate. These caminos are not only about what you gain, but what you throw away. As you gain knowledge, you accumulate things. As you gain wisdom, you throw things away. I’m all for wisdom, and the barnacle bottle has been my constant reminder. Some of us disposed of their barnacles on the walk. I’ve held on to mine and when I’ve decided on what is most important to throw away, it will go with the barnacles to an appropriate place. Thanks again Lynda and Julie and I hope to catch up one day with you and Dale. Cheers, Peter

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      • You are very welcome! I had hoped to be there to give each of you a bottle but it was not to be. Bill has referred to you and Julie as the Landers Express and I told him our nickname would be the Lozner Caboose (I walk slowly). Sounds like I would really have had a tough time on all those hills but what beautiful countryside, food and walk mates you all have had. Really enjoyed following all of you and seeing all the wonderful pictures (except the one of Bill fixing his brace- ha!)!
        Will you and Julie be going to India? The trip sounds fantastic! If not, maybe a PGS premiere!!
        Lynda and Dale


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