Assisi d8 / Did I say yesterday that the hardest day was over?

Stupid me, thinking that yesterday the hardest day was over.

Today was tough going too – 27kms, and three quarters was up and down mountains again. For those of you who have walked the Camino Frances, imagine this: each day we climb at least 3 O’Cebreros, if that gives you any idea.

Up to the top, then down, then up to the top again, then down, then up to the top again, then down again.

That’s tough, right?

The day started off with sad farewells to Ivan and Giovanna.

Goodbye to Ivan and Giovanna

But perhaps they will join us on the Celtic Camino tour which we’ll be staging next year. I hope so – because they were totally delightful, and kept us laughing all the time they were with us.

I asked one of our group (who will remain nameless) to take a shot of me with Ivan –

me and ivan

But there was an issue with headroom…

We then headed out of Pietralunga, heading to the beautiful medieval town of Gubbio 27kms away.

Angie backpack with flowers Peter stepping out

Jennifer, Patty and Marie left later, and climbed two of the impossibly high mountains before calling in what I have dubbed The Magic Bus. (Thanks, The Who!)

Believe me, there was no ignominy in calling in the Magic Bus – I was struggling up those steep slopes. I was amazed the ladies made it.

Meanwhile Peter found an abandoned farmhouse and we made ourselves comfortable inside out of the sun. We had jelly beans and dried banana and plenty of water.

abandoned farmhouse

In farmhouse

I asked Peter to pose in the doorway so I could take a photo –

Peter in doorway

I told him he looked like a creature with a prehensile tail that drags his knuckles in the dirt –  or a Hawthorn football player. Really the two are interchangeable…

We kept on walking…

walking in distance

Sometime later the Ladies of Leisure joined us for a picnic lunch –

Picnic lunch.3– and I played The Who’s song – The Magic Bus – care of Spotify. Marie got up and started dancing. She surprised us with her sexy moves – and we laughed a lot.

Marie dancing

The Ladies of Leisure then retired to a nearby bar for coffee, or maybe it was Prosecco again, I can’t be sure, while the rest of us slogged out the last 10kms in afternoon heat.

Angie in fg walking

Angie in fg - boys up front

We finally got to Gubbio about 5pm – feet very sore and legs almost incapable of walking a further step. We were greeted like old friends by Sonia, a beautiful young lass who was on reception at our luxurious hotel, The Hotel Gattaopne, right in the heart of the historic centre.

For dinner we had fine dining at a restaurant deep in the heart of the historic centre. Beautiful food, exquisite wines, and lots of laughter.

dinner shot

Tomorrow is a much needed rest day. It happens to be Market Day in Gubbio – and after the market we plan to take a funicular railway to a church high on a mountain at the back of the town.

I’ll post photos of d7 at a later time. Right now it’s after midnight, and I’m bushed! Only three more days of walking and we’re in Assisi. Can’t believe it!

Angie CU

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  1. Sounds to me like the ladies have the right idea of this hilly tour! Walk a little, drink a little, drink a little more! Looks like you are all having a fabulous time despite the hills.

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    • Hey Lynda, and we’re all wearing our barnacle bottles too! Yes there’s no pilgrim preciousness on this tour – we do what we can comfortably do, then some of us jump. I haven’t as yet – although there have been a few times I would have dearly liked to!

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