Assisi d2 / to the monastery…

This morning we packed up early, hopped in a mini-van, and left Florence –

Ext. hotel van Florence

Our driver took us out past the famous Ponte Vecchio,

passing Pontevecchio

and up into the hills. It was overcast and drizzling – and there was a thin mist hanging.

Mist in hills

We stopped for lunch at a small restaurant at the base of the La Verna hill – on the top of which sits the Santuario della Verna – the Franciscan monastery of La Verna.

After lunch we decided to walk up the hill to the monastery –

Angie and Ken had a little kissy kissy moment, which given the proximity to a monastery was probably inappropriate.

Kissy Kissy

(note the phallic symbol coming into the left of frame… )

The walk up was steep at times, but beautiful – in the mist, and along the ancient path, walked by monks for centuries.

Walking up path.1

Walking up path.2

We arrived at the monastery with the mist still swirling –

Cross in mist.WS

– and in time for the 3pm hymns in the Basilica, which is the prelude to the procession of monks to the St. Francis chapel – a ceremony which has occurred daily for centuries.

coming up corridor.1

After the ceremony we went back to the Basilica, where St. Francis’ relics were on show, including the robe that he wore when he experienced his stigmata.


The monastery is virtually empty, and in the mist it has a very special energy.

Peter & Ken

Tomorrow we begin our walk – a fairly short day of about 16kms, but up and down some big hills evidently.

It might rain, it might not – I don’t worry about the weather. It will be what it will be. Irrespective, it will be great to start walking. And the countryside here is beautiful.

Right now we’re about to go to dinner in the monastery.

I don’t do gruel….

Cross in mist

3 thoughts on “Assisi d2 / to the monastery…

    • Hey Lynda, we got a driver to take us all just from Florence to la Verna today, because of all the luggage. Elena will be driving another van, a 9 seater Fiat Ducato, from tomorrow on while we walk, to act as support. And yes, the mist everywhere today was so beautiful. Everyone has their barnacle bottles now too!

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  1. All power to your knees, elbows and umbrellas! Would love to be walking with you all…..and remember what we Poms say…..we will weather the weather, whatever the weather, whether we like it or not. Hoping for sunshine for you all tomorrow ….

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