Photo Camino softcover price – yikes!

Wow – I’ve just been doing through the process of getting my book up on Amazon as a softcover –

I want it to be full color, because of all the photographs – and they’re saying the minimum pricing for the book will be US$38.18.

Of that, I will get a royalty of less than $8. And for their “expanded distribution – to other retailers etc – I get a royalty of 70 cents. Yes, 70 cents per book on a sale price of $38. The rest goes to Amazon for printing etc.


If it wasn’t full color it would be roughly the same price as my other book – about $16 or so for the softcover. The print version of The Way, My Way, is black and white.

I’m sorry about this – I want the book to be affordable- but there’s nothing I can do about it. That’s the price that amazon has set, because it’s color. And I really do think this book needs to be in color, because there’s 85 beautiful photos in it…

This is not one of them – I just like the shot. Two beautiful ladies, so happy…

Marie and Jen with umbrellas


12 thoughts on “Photo Camino softcover price – yikes!

  1. Hi Bill –
    It’s worth every cent but absolutely wrong that you only receive $8 of the $38 odd that Amazon retails the book for. I will buy it as I’m a traditionalist and I just love to have a beautiful book that I can keep on the coffee table for me, friends and family, to pick up and enjoy.

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  2. I am sorry for this Bill.A such good work for a tiny payback.unfair.thanks for the makes my day.bises


    • Hi Marie – I’m fine with the royalty. More than fine. It’s just that I want the print version to be accessible price-wise, that’s all. Amazon heft up the price because it’s color, on fancy paper. Hey send isn’t that a lovely shot of you and Jen? bb xx


  3. Hey, Bill, not that this will make you any happier, but you’re not alone. I just spent time with a friend in Melbourne who has just had a book published on coping with death and dying (clever girl, she was asked to write it no less!) and she’s finding the same disdain for the author – and hers is only black and white, although with a colour cover. There’s definitely something wrong with our world if you, who do all the hard yakka (know that expression, Lynda?!) only get remunerated in peanuts!!


    • Hi Britta – I’m not worried about the royalty. That’s a fine amount of money. But it’s just the total cost to someone wanting to buy a print version. Interestingly, Amazon has asked me to check a proof, which I have to buy – and they’re pricing a full colour proof at $15.50. So that must be their cost price. In which case they’re making $38.18 minus $15.50 in profit! $23 approx. Ha!


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