Assisi festival ~

I would dearly love to say that this was by design…

That I organised it this way…

But in checking accommodation for the Via de Francesco tour in Italy, I discovered that we arrive in Assisi on the weekend of a centuries old Spring Festival.

It’s called the Calendimaggio Festival – and it’s an ancient Rite of Spring festival. St. Francis himself was believed to be an accomplished troubadour, and many of the dances and festivities will celebrate the saint.

Last year we finished the Camino Portuguese with the Semana Santa Easter celebrations in Santiago. In September we’ll conclude the Mother Ganga Indian tour with the amazing Ganesh Immersion celebrations on the beach of Mumbai.

And now the Assisi tour will finish with this wonderful Rite of Spring festival.

All meticulously planned, of course!

The tour starts in Florence on April 27th. We still have a few places free. We’d love for you to join us, on what promises to be another wonderful adventure.

Assisi Basilica -