Mudgee walk – 10km route…

When I’m short of time, or I’m feeling unmotivated, I do a 10 km walk – which takes me out through the vineyards around Mudgee.

My 15 km walk follows the same route – I just go further out to one of the wineries.

This morning I was short of time so I headed out just on sunrise –

Birds on wire

I walked past the town’s two major churches – the Catholic church…

Church 1

And the Anglican church.

Church 2

Opposite is the town’s old cinema, which has recently been re-opened and is now screening movies on the weekend.


I then head out past Lue Rd, past the town’s racetrack –

Clock Racetrack ws Race track stand

As I begin walking up a hill I pass a luxury resort –

Resort sign Resort entrance

And an upscale restaurant and wine / cheese tasting venue.

Cheese factory

At the top of the hill there are signs and maps detailing all the tourist trails and wineries…

Tourist sign wine country

And then at the 2.5 km mark I turn down Henry Lawson Dve – there’s that name again – and walk out of town past some vineyards, cyclists passing me as I walk…

Horse bathtubs Cyclists

In amongst the vineyards are small farms –

house distant road past winery

And a sign that advertises Mudgee’s only Ice Wine. I find it amazing that in the bush, which is what we Australians call our countryside, there could be a winery making ice wine. Ice wine

At the 5 km mark there’s a wonderful old windmill.

windmill & gate


I then turn around and walk back home.

I do this walk most days – sometimes I do the 15 km walk – and I have people wave to me all the time. I guess I’m a regular.

Some stop and ask me, concerned, if I’d like a lift. I laugh, thank them, and tell them I’m training. Confused, they drive off.

It’s a very beautiful walk, and even though I’ve now done it hundreds of times, literally, I never tire of it. I always see something new when I walk.

winery & tree

11 thoughts on “Mudgee walk – 10km route…

    • Hi Jenny, at that time of the morning the skies are very deep blue, yes, but at this time of the year they become very hot quite quickly. By 8am the skies are nearly white!


  1. What a beautiful and pristine place to walk and train. I don’t get motivated to do much walking here along Houston’s busy streets. Much better at our country place in east Texas, but not the kind of scenery you are privy to, but of course, beauty is where you find it.


    • You’re right Steve – beauty is where you find it. But walking on busy roads can be hard work sometimes. I only have to walk about 1km and I’m out of town, in amongst the trees and vineyards.

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  2. Wow! That scenery would motivate me to walk everyday! Palm trees again! Love ’em. Those two churches and the clock tower are really exceptional. I can see why you have several different walks – each has beautiful places to enjoy along the way!


    • Most friends who visit me also talk about the palm trees. Particularly the Danes just love them, as it makes them think of swaying palm trees, beaches and blue, blue skies 🙂 – they crave all that when in the middle of the dark, abysmal Danish winter!

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      • Britta
        Much of the US has had a nasty cold and snowy winter but up here in the Seattle area in has been mild. Not much snow but we now have rain, lots of it. Record breaking! Flooding. Ohhh to be lying in a hammock with palm trees swaying and blue skies sandy beaches and warm water.. That used to be the vacations I liked but now it seems Camino type vacation/pilgrimages thoughts are taking over. Maybe a combination as it seems everywhere but here has palm trees.



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