Indian Tour Itinerary ~

I’ve now finalised the Indian Tour – what we’re calling the Mother Ganga Tour – and I’ve posted the itinerary and costing up on the Gone Tours website. Here is the link:

Mother Ganga Tour – Sept 2015

For those of you who have expressed interest, please now confirm if you wish to proceed. There are some places left for those that would like to join us.

It should be an extraordinary tour. It occurred to me that because Jennifer and I have worked in India quite a bit over the past eight years, we’ve been taken by locals to their favourite haunts – restaurants, shopping areas, various sights – the kind of places that foreigners rarely get to see.

We’ll be taking the tour to those places. Also, everywhere we’re going, Jennifer and I have been before. We’re staying in our favourite hotels, we’ll be eating in our favourite restaurants, and we’ll be doing the kind of things we’ve done before on previous trips.

So it will be unlike any other Indian tour.

But first we have the Assisi Tour in late April / early May, and that promises to be extraordinary on a whole other level. We meet up in Florence, then we walk in St. Francis’s footsteps through the Umbrian hills to Assisi, one of the most spiritual places on earth.

We recently had a couple of people drop out for personal reasons on this tour, so we have places available. Here’s the link –

The Via de Francesco Tour – April / May 2015

Let me know if you’re interested in either one, or both!


8 thoughts on “Indian Tour Itinerary ~

  1. I’m so excited to be part of what I know will be an amazing life changing experience for me and the other lucky travelers who’ll be on this journey.
    I’ve wanted to go to India since 1988 when my roommate at the time went. She came back a changed person. It will be a pleasure to have you and Jen lead us to the best that India has to offer. I know on a personal level that Steve and I are thrilled as well. Here’s to September!! Xoxo

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    • Jen and I are thrilled too Jill that you’re both coming. The tour WILL be amazing. Jen and I love India, and take every opportunity to get back. It will be such fun to show you and Steve, and the others, the India that has so captivated us!

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        • That’s so pleasing to hear Steve. India is the kind of place that does provoke all kinds of emotions and thoughts – it can have a profound affect on you.

          Jennifer and I went there first on our 25th wedding anniversary, and I was a bit anxious before I left. I was worried about theft, and getting sick, and issues such as personal safety etc. Within twenty four hours of being in India I realised none of those fears were warranted.

          I found the Indian people to be the most wonderful generous people you could imagine – and I’ve had many occasions where they have shown how honest they were.

          On this last trip I was in a very crowded store in Delhi, and I pulled out some cash to buy something. As I was about to leave the store a lady tapped me on the shoulder, offering me a 1,000 rupee note (about $20).

          I looked at her quizzically, and she told me I’d dropped it on the floor. She could have pocketed that money and I would never have known. I’ve had quite a few instances like this happen to me in India.

          Now that’s not to say there aren’t thieves and pick pockets and worse in India, of course there are, as there are in any country – but in all the time Jen and I have travelled there, we’ve never had any issues with theft or personal safety.

          We are careful though, because you have to be when you travel anywhere outside your own known culture – but that’s the good thing about this tour; we’ve been there many times before, and we know the ropes…

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