PGS film – Sufis in Turkey

This morning this email came in, from a wonderful lady in Istanbul who is helping us with the PGS film –

Hi Bill,
I talked with a prominent Turkish/Iranian Sufi, who is willing to help you experience the Sufi way of living and see for yourself their way…You’ll figure out what to film in the process…He is available to spend 3 weeks with you, take you to the most important places of various prominent Sufi masters (mostly from the 13th century; people like Rumi). I am also in touch with Rumi’s family, who is continuing the tradition and his teachings.
They would host you in their places so you would not need to spend much money. The period that works for them is 3 weeks during June. It is during Ramadan and you can observe the spirituality best during that period. You’d be spending most of the time in and around the city of Konya, the spiritual centre of Turkey. 
What do you think? 

What do I think?

I think this is something that Jennifer and I have to do!

It would make a wonderful addition to the film. Sufism is a mystical wisdom tradition, steeped in intuition.

I’ve been wanting to include a Middle Eastern aspect to the film. In fact it was a Buddhist scholar up in the Dalai Lama Temple complex in Dharmsala who told me that I should go to Turkey and film with the Sufis.

But this would not have come about if I hadn’t gone to Dallas, because this has been orchestrated via the wonderful Joni Patry, the Vedic Astrologer. In fact Joni is in Turkey right at the moment, doing astrological readings.

Also – you might remember that on the last night in Dallas, I had a three hour meeting with Mr. Trammell Crow, an eccentric billionaire who has a very real interest in Asian art and meditation. Anyway, I got an email from his office overnight as well, to say that I’m due to have a phone conversation with Trammell Crow later this week to discuss the film.

So the Dallas experiment isn’t over yet – not by a long shot!

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7 thoughts on “PGS film – Sufis in Turkey

  1. OK, I’m back in goosebumps territory! You’ll be busy little bees with all the travel you’re now committed to this year. I’m so glad and grateful that I’m there with you both 🙂


  2. haha – yes, the year is starting to get busy!! We’re going to Uluru in March for a big spiritual event there (shooting for the film) then April to Italy for the Assisi tour, then June to Turkey for the Sufis, then September to India. Whew… I’m jet lagged just thinking about it!

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  3. OMG!!!! Yippeee!!!
    I often think about how “small” the world is now with flying time and phones, etc but it is still along way for all of us to get together. Wow Dallas is doable. I am excited. !!!!


  4. This is so wonderful Bill. Congratulations on this incredible and unexpected opportunity.
    Cheers – Jenny


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