Jennifer: When did the Camino Bug bite me?

When did the Camino Bug bite me?

In 2013, when Bill walked the Camino Frances he wanted me to walk too. I refused. I didn’t want to do it. I couldn’t think of anything worse than walking day after day after day.

When he persisted, (and believe it or not he can at times be persistent) I checked with my Higher Self and the answer flew back straight away “No.”

I was not to walk the Camino Frances.
I was mightily relieved.

Before I go on let me explain what I mean by my Higher Self.

This is my higher vibrational self. I’ve spent many years training myself to be responsive to this greater part of me. This is the part that I separated from during childhood and adolescence. I had lost the ability to communicate directly with this extraordinary resource that belongs me.

I suspected it was there. Sometimes I had direct evidence that it was there.

So I decided to do the work necessary to guarantee me a continuing connection.This is also what Bill calls PGS. So my Higher Self is my Personal Guidance System. It is also my best friend, and with this connection activated I am never alone.

Back to the Camino Bug story –

When Bill decided to mount a Portuguese Camino tour, he wanted me to come too. I checked in with my Higher Self expecting a continuation of our “No Long Distance Walking” policy. I was told in no uncertain terms “Walk!”


That meant boots and training and horror of horror – getting up early to put on those boots and train.

I walked the Portuguese Camino. Is that where I got bitten? Because I loved it. I loved the simplicity of it. The simple physical act, hour after hour, of putting one foot in front of the other.

I loved everything around me. I loved walking on my own. I loved walking with other people. I loved the camaraderie of the shared experience.

But if I was bitten then I didn’t know it.

When did I know?
Only the other day.

Bill and I were discussing cancelling the Assisi tour we are mounting in May. We’d had some people, for personal reasons, drop out and Bill was also aware that the PGS film would be requiring his attention during that time.

He wanted to discuss with me the possibility of cancelling.

I had no idea until that moment how much it meant to me, the prospect of walking in the footsteps of St Francis. There was no checking with my Higher Self. I knew straight away that I was walking no matter what.

I didn’t care if I was the only one doing it.

Bill laughed. “Now you know how I felt before I walked my first Camino,” he said. “You’ve been bitten by the Camino Bug.”

And I guess I have.

We’re still looking for some people to fill the gaps of those that had to drop out, so please contact me if you’re interested in joining me, and Bill. Florence to Assisi, early May. It will be wonderful.

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