Your twelve iconic shots on the Camino?

Please – help me out here.

I want to discuss the twelve most iconic shots on the Camino in the book I’m writing – Photo Camino.

Here is my list –

  1. The gates or bridge at St. Jean
  2. The Virgin on the Route Napoleon
  3. The metal statues at Hill of Pardon
  4. Burgos Cathedral
  5. The winding road
  6. The Meseta
  7. Lyon Cathedral
  8. A yellow arrow shot
  9. The Crux de Ferro
  10. 100kms to go marker
  11. StandingΒ in square in front of Santiago Cathedral
  12. Shot with Compostela

Please give me your comments and suggestions –

Better still, give me your top 12 iconic shots…

Bridge with scallop shells

12 thoughts on “Your twelve iconic shots on the Camino?

  1. hello bill my shots :
    st jean pied de port gates
    the mountains with sheeps and horses and view
    eunate chapel
    iron statue of hill of pardon
    the puenta la reina bridge
    san anton arch
    chapel in burgos cathedral
    castle and village of castrojeriz
    cruz de ferro
    o cebreiro
    monte de gozo (the statue of two pilgims)
    cathedral square
    finisterra burning station

    its about the emotions, not only the beauty . i guess we could have add, the fromista locks, the carrion de los condes milestones, san juan de ortega monastery, samos mnastery, but not missing finisterra. The arrow and the compostella are besides the twelve, out of contest. my point of view.


    • haha – a great list Marie, thank you!! Even mentioning these places as you have takes me back there. The bridge at Puenta la Reina is an iconic shot for sure. Everyone seems to take that shot!! Hope you’re well, and not too cold where you are. Bloody hot here in Australia, let me tell you!! bb xx


  2. A few of the spots or shots that I remember well are the Irache wine font, the statue of the seated pilgrim on the bench at Burgos, the San Bol “beehive” alburgue, the arches of the San Anton convent ruins, the resting pilgrim statue outside the Parador in Leon, the Templar Castle, the flags and signs at Refugio de Manjarin with Thomas, a swinging/smoking botafuneiro and you walked in spring so I don’t think you would have seen them but all the sunflowers along the way that pilgrims made smiley faces on.
    I think you need to increase your list to 20.
    Hugs to you and Jen
    Lynda and Dale

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    • Yes those are all iconic shots, thanks Lynda! I never stopped at Irache, but when I walked past there were buses pulled up with tourists taking their fill. And I walked straight past San Bol, which I kind of regret. All good thoughts though!!

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  3. Hello Bill I posted a list on whatsapp and I agree with Ingrid you needed get to 20 shots.


  4. Bill,
    The list I gave above was in addition to your list. Dale and I were just discussing your list and my list. Dale is going through our 3000 pictures that are on a picture viewer we have on an end table where they just rotate around and we see them everyday. His list became drinking coffee out of a bowl, drinking rioja wine, drinking coffee and eating chocolate at the outside table in SJPDP, eating tapas, drinking more red wine, eating pinchos, drinking vino tinto at 80 cents a glass, eating pilgrims meals, eating paella, vino tinto, trying pulpo, vino tinto, Galacian lentil stew.
    Tee Hee! See a theme there?
    I would have to add Santiago cake to my list. I ate that for breakfast lunch and dinner the last 200 kilometers. I tried making it when we got home but it didn’t turn out at all like the ones in Spain


    • You know, the thing that touched me the most was the botafumeiro but the one thing that seemed to be most representative of the camino was the camino family. A shot of the pilgrims around the table at dinner would represent every step of the way. I don’t know of any place other than the camino where a film director, a student, an unemployed person, a millionaire, a retiree and a blue collar person can share a meal and not know or care what the financial status of their tablemates is. There only concerns are how the day was and what is coming tomorrow, how their feet and the tablemates feet and knees are holding out, how much does your pack weigh, etc.


      • Lynda, you’re absolutely right – and there’s a section on the book that deals specifically with how to best shoot a group shot like that – because it is one of the most common shots taken on the Camino – and one of the most important. But so often the shot looks very ordinary.

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