Christmas wishes ~

I’ve woken up before dawn here in Mudgee.

The birds woke me.
A cacophony.

It’s Christmas morning here.

I had to think – what does that mean?

It means swapping Christmas presents, it means a big lunch, it means family, it means putting aside all those petty grievances and giving out love.

Or trying to.

In Australia it means heat, blasting sunshine or cyclonic storms, it means the beach, it means the bush, it means seafood and beer and talk of cricket and collapsing in the afternoon from too much of a good thing.

But what else does it mean?

Was a special man born today?

Are the stories true?

I’m not a Christian, but in my own quiet way I’ll take time to celebrate the day as a Holy day. Soon I’ll go downstairs and meditate, and consider the wonder of it all.

I’ve learnt a lot this past twelve months.
I’ve learnt that it’s all very simple, really.

You’ve just got to trust & surrender.
And ignore fear.

And know that what you need is in your heart.

The truth.

Hey – thank you.
All of you.
Thank you for helping me make this an extraordinary year.

You’re amazing, you mob.
Bloody amazing.

Each one of you.

tree on plain at sunset

17 thoughts on “Christmas wishes ~

    • Hey Steve – one of the great things about living in Australia is that we get to celebrate Christmas Day and New Years Eve ahead of you guys!! Thank you for these lovely words and wishes – and a big hug to you mate for tomorrow, and for the coming year. I sincerely hope we get to meet up again sometime in 2015. Perhaps at Thanksgiving? I’m sure your mum will be kicking on!

      Your Aussie mate,

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  1. Bill and Jen
    A comment about Christmas should be first but it isn’t going to be. The above picture is the most gorgeous picture of all of your pictures. You have traveled far and wide and taken wondrous pictures but right there in your “backyard” is the most beautiful of all.
    Now for Christmas, I bet that is going to be a hooly Dooly time at the Bennett household with all that seafood and beer! And to top it all off you’ll all be speaking with that fantastic accent you and Jen have!
    Have a Hooly Dooly Merry Christmas!
    Love Dale and Lynda

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  2. Happy Christmas right back to you and Jen, Bill. And I also love today’s photo on the blog.

    Not sure if you are a Tim Minchin fan but you strike me as someone who probably is. If not, you won’t thank me for sending this link as it is about 6 minutes long. My favourite Christmas song and always makes me soppy.

    Now I’d better move and get Christmas on the road!

    Sending love, a song and a big hug to you both Deb Rogowski Sent from my iPad. Deb


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    • Dear Deb, thanks for this lovely post. And song! I’m looking forward to listening. Right at the moment we’re listening to The Beach Boys Christmas album, which is a tradition in our household!

      But thank you – and hope you have a great day!!


  3. Merry Christmas Bill and Jen, and all our PGS family. Wherever you are, and whatever you are all doing, have a wonderful day. With love to everyone – Jenny x

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  4. Hello Bill and Jennifer and PGS family. I would like to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas, enjoy time with your loved ones and a Happy, Adventures, Healthy 2015!

    Light and Love Ingrid

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  5. ok, my posts are going out to cyperspace again. IN case it does come through, I wish you all a very blessed Christmas and a Happy, Adventures, Healthy 2015!

    Light and Love Ingrid

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  6. Dear Bill and Family,
    I have been so surprised at our acquaintanceship (is that a word? It should be) and honored to be able to look in on your travels and musings and growing experiences. I hope we get to meet one day. Until then, my non-Christian, but open-minded Aussie friend, I have a short video with a lovely Christmas message. I hope you take a minute and watch. Here is the link: As a convert of 40 years to the Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints, I have found the most dynamic aspect of my faith is actually, well . . . faith. When exercised, it gives us the most potential for growth and expansion and the creation of more faith in my case in Jesus Christ. But faith in any good thing has the same potential and that is exciting to me. Merry Christmas to you and yours.
    Rebecca (247 days to my Camino) in Tacoma


    • Hi Rebecca,

      The video is beautiful – beautiful executed, simple and evocative.

      I gave Jennifer for Christmas a two volume set of Paramahansa Yogananda’s THE SECOND COMING OF CHRIST, in which he analyses key sections of the Bible from a Hindu / Eastern perspective. It’s very dense, but fascinating.

      She in turn gave me a book called JESUS, BUDDHA, KRISHNA, LAO TZU, THE PARALLEL SAYINGS, in which the words of these Ascended Masters are compared, and found to be in sync. Again, fascinating.

      Thank you for being such a wonderful presence here this past year. Your comments and ts are always full of wisdom and compassion.


      ____________________ Bill Bennett +61 412 944 777



  7. Bill and Jen,
    Sending you peace and blessings for a wonderful family Christmas. Thank you for allowing me to be a tiny speck in your global family. I have mentioned this before, but you are a very significant stone cast into the pond of life. The ripple effect of all you do reaches further than you imagine and your impact is amazing.
    For the extended PGS family, Happy Christmas to you all. As our priest said at mass last night, try and have a little bit of Christmas in every day, bringing peace and joy to others.
    Blessings to you all.

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  8. Happy Hoollidays Bill, Jennifer and all the PGS family! We are so happy to know you all and to hear your comments, wise, witty and sometimes hilarious.
    We live in Southern Calif., but we are in the Sierra Nevadas Mountains up north. it was cold and there was sparse amounts of old snow. Last evening before leaving for Mass at the church here it began to snow. SO we are having our first white Christmas ever!. It is lovely. Two of our sons woke up and went out snow boarding early, our 2 other working kids had to stay home. Our eldest son went surfing this morning and our daughter is with her boyfriends family.
    The priest at mass said beautifully to be the gift of christmas to those around you. Bring light like the star, bring peace like the starry night, bring joy like the angels, bring Love like the Christ child.
    Be Christmas!
    Kathryn and Michael

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    • Hi Kathryn,

      I hope you’ve had a beautiful day – and thanks for your lovely well wishes.

      Here it’s hot and stormy! Typical Aussie Chrissy weather.

      Hope we get to see you guys again sometime this next year. That would be cool!

      Bill & Jennifer

      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ +61 412 944 777 + 1 310 890 8530



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