Dallas – Day 11 / pt2

Things are starting to happen.

It’s been three days since I did that exercise with the photo book – when I picked two photos that featured three men standing in stark landscapes.

Joni at the time said it meant that in three days, something would happen.

Three days later and it’s happening.

It’s underway.

I felt confident enough today to briefly step outside the immediate downward draft of the Most Beneficial Galactic Cosmic Rays, and go to Fort Worth – a cowboy town thirty miles east of Dallas.

I walked into a shop and this was what was presented to me –

finding an angel

Seems I try and get away from this stuff and it follows me.

Jennifer and Rachit and I had a Texan BBQ lunch with Joni and her husband Daniel. They have become wonderful friends, and their generosity and kindness has made our stay in Dallas very special.

group shot in bbq jointEarlier in the morning Good Morning Texas taped Joni doing a predictive reading for the coming year. She used the opportunity to spruik my intuition film.

Joni in studio ws 1As a result of her promoting my film – on her website and in her newsletter – I’ve been contacted by some people who I believe will make a significant contribution to the film. I’ll be following up with some of them next week when I return to California.

To finish today’s post, a photo I took at Fort Worth –

deer & flag


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  1. Aren’t you glad that horned animal – whatever it might be – was on that wall and not spread right across your windscreen?! 🙂


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