14 thoughts on “Dallas – Day 3 / pt2

  1. I look for information about the motel in internet , I found that according customers, the guy that was going closed to your car in the middle of the night was problably Nick , doing a night check, that the lock problèm was there a year ago , and that you might check other room for better bed.
    Besides that , I started to study a book of christian methaphysics by the doctor Joseph Murphy that you might know but he stricked me saying that all your decisions have to be made by intuition and that the brain and the reason should be used only for applying the decisions, not to take them,. and that you have to ASK for intuition like for the parking spot. I study this stuff and I apply it . I will tell you. Have a great cosmic day.


    • Thank you Marie – and what you say about asking is absolutely right. They don’t know what you want unless you ask. The book sounds interesting.

      Big hugs to you mate!!



  2. So, Bill, since you FOREVER have been trying to convince us that Jennifer is useless at taking photos … who did that rather fanciful one of you with the ‘collar’??!! 🙂


  3. Oh my dear Bill,

    after seeing the photo of you wearing the cosmic collar I think you should be thanking your lucky stars, or cosmic rays perhaps that Jennifer is still married to you!

    You are one of a kind my friend!

    Take care,

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  4. Hooly Dooly Bill – I think you’d better get a patent on that collar! It’s going to be HUGE for all of us who are into the cosmic rays!


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