Bombay Astrologer Pt 3

Here is the third and final part of the sequence I shot with the astrologer in Bombay.

If you were in my shoes, what would you do?

Would you go to Dallas and stay in a cheap motel and hang out for fifteen days to see if the Cosmic Rays do their stuff?

What would you do?

Link to: Bombay Astrologer Prediction Pt3

Cosmic Rays 4

5 thoughts on “Bombay Astrologer Pt 3

  1. I’d like to think that I would do it. I think it’s fantastic that you are. You have nothing to lose by going to see what happens. Enjoy the ride.


    • Hi Donna, I think you have to be into this with absolute and total belief. And that’s what I’m doing. There’s a subtle difference between that and “oh well, what do I have to lose…” This attitude implies a level of scepticism and lack of belief. If you go into it feeling like that, then nothing will happen. I’m going into it with complete belief that my stars are playing out as they should. I hope that makes sense…


  2. Well, of course, how could you not? The journey you’re on has already opened up so many doors and avenues that you could not have predicted when you started looking at walking the camino. Like so many others, I can’t wait to see what might happen – good, bad or indifferent, and always interesting and engaging 🙂 So like Donna says, enjoy the ride and I hope both you and Jennifer have a hoot of a ride! Look forward to talking with you both tomorrow 🙂 Britta


    • You know it’s funny Britta, with my brother walking into Santiago last night, it’s made me reflect on what’s happened to me since May of last year. Bloody hell. I’ve written a book that’s quickly approaching 100 five star reviews, I’ve organised and led a Camino tour, and organised another one for next year, I’ve started work on my intuition film, and I’ve changed my outlook fundamentally. Also, I’m still not wearing glasses!! The changes have been both subtle and profound.


      • Is that all??!! So what are you doing with all that spare time??!! (Hee Hee – as a dear friend of mine would say!) 🙂


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