Apple CEO Tim Cook on Intuition…

Jennifer’s brother Matt, who guides me towards many things interesting, sent me a YouTube link today.

It’s an interview with Apple CEO Tim Cook, where he talks about how his intuition told him to take a job at Apple when the company was almost broke, and everyone he trusted told him not to take the job.

(Steve Jobs was a strong advocate of intuition.)

I disagree with Cook on one point though – he says that you’re not born with intuition, you develop it. I don’t believe that to be the case.

Certainly some of the wise men and women I’ve interviewed in India and Italy attest that we’re all born with intuitive powers, it’s just that life – parental and societal pressures etc – forces us to distrust our intuition, and steers us towards “common sense,” or what’s deemed to be correct and logical.

Common sense would have me not go to Dallas and spend fifteen days in a cheap motel, eating crap food, without any money.  But as soon as the Bombay astrologer told me this is what my charts advised me to do, I had an immediate and very strong intuitive response to do it.

I received an email overnight from someone in the US. They’d heard about the Texas Cosmic Rays Experiment, and they wanted to put me up in a flash hotel.

I gratefully declined, saying that I had to start in a cheap motel as per the astrologer’s instructions. But I mused on it later, thinking: It’s starting…

Tim Cook

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