Dallas – the Millionaires Club

The cosmos is sending me to a city chock full of millionaires.

In fact, according to a recent report, Dallas has the fastest growing population of millionaires in America.

Nearly 70,000 millionaires at last count, with another 50,000 expected to join that elite club in the next five years.

Twenty-two people on Forbes’ Richest in the World list come from Dallas.

All I can say is – Whoo hoo universe!

Thank you for not sending me to West Africa.

I’m looking forward to these fifteen days from November 23rd!!


2 thoughts on “Dallas – the Millionaires Club

  1. So, Bill, if just 1% of those millionaires each coughed up a mill, you’d be home and hosed for finance – will be fascinating to see what happens in those 15 days!! 🙂


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