Brother update

I got an email from my brother Bob yesterday. He's currently walking the Camino Frances with his 21 yr old son Rupert.

They've been walking nineteen days now, without one rest day, and last night they would have got to Leon.

That's hooting along!

I'm astonished, because they hardly did any training. My brother did though do squats in lieu of walking. He said he was doing 300 squats a day before he left Australia.

He said in the email they both have bad blisters, but they're “soldiering on.”

Ha! And before they set off they were wondering if they'd even make 100kms. They'll be in Santiago before they know it!

The Camino carries you upon its wings…


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    • I just come back and I can tell that it was fantastic weather till two days it is autumn in Santiago.


    • Steve, seems like they’ve had only one day of slight rain, which is when that shot was taken, walking over the Route Napoleon. It’s been sunny and quite warm ever since. You can never tell with the Camino… that’s why looking at weather maps is a waste of time…

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  1. Hi Bill and Jen –
    If Bob and Rupert are in Leon for a couple of days, have them try the sensational hot chocolate at the cafĂ© on the Cathedral Square – the one that advertises they have the best hot chocolate in Leon … they’re not wrong !!! Otherwise, tell them to buy some of the exceptionally wonderful chocolate in Astorga.
    Cheers – Jenny
    PS – one last thing … let them know about wonderful David at the Casa des los Dios, just along from Hospital de Orbigo, on the way to Astorga. Meeting David was a highlight of my camino two years back – he’s an exceptional person who’s devoted his life to pilgrims.


    • Hey Jenny – sorry for the tardy reply. Went for a long walk this arvo; trying to do 14kms a day right now, before I leave for America. I know that shop – it’s spectacular, but I don’t think they’re stopping at all you know. Bob is unlike me in that he’s non communicative. I’ve only had two emails from him during nearly three weeks of walking . Which is a good sign, because it means he’s involved.

      And yes, the choccies in Astorga were out of this world. I wished I’d spent more time there. It was a very pretty place, with some wonderful churches that were closed the day I was there.

      Hey, looking forward to our BBQ get together next week!!

      bb xx


      • Hi Bill –
        ‘Glad to hear you’re getting some serious walking in before you head off to the States.
        I hope that Bob and Rupert do discover that cafĂ© – they won’t be sorry. They won’t miss all those choccy shops in Astorga! Wow! That IS good that Bob isn’t constantly emailing – he must be soaking up the Camino magic.
        Steve and I are really looking forward to the lunch here at Cronulla on the 15th – hooly dooly – it’s going to be fun!
        Cheers – Jenny x x


        • Hi Jenny – yes, need to be fit for the next round of filming – particularly in Dallas, which I think is going to be quite busy. I’ll need to be on my toes. More investment is coming in too, from the States. Which is gratifying… The film just keeps on making itself!!


          • What a wonderful journey this film is taking you on, Bill. It’s great news that new investors are coming on board. I’m very much looking forward to talking more about the film Saturday week.
            Cheers – Jenny x x


          • Hey jenny – it’s quite strange, how it’s happening, because the investors are coming on board without me even asking. In this last instance, the investors (US based) saw the sizzle reel, got it immediately, and asked how could they get involved. I haven’t even spoken to them. The film is taking on it’s own life force.

            Same is happening with the Dallas film. I had dinner the other night in Brisbane with a mate who asked what I was doing. I told him about Dallas, and he wanted to see the video of the astrologer. I showed him, and half way through the clip he turned to me and said: Mate, if you need a financial partner, I’m in! Haha.

            It’s so weird. It’s the first time I’ve made a film where I haven’t had to beg and scrape for funding – it’s just coming…!!


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