Pablo Picasso on intuition…

I came across this today as part of my research into intuition –

A quote from Pablo Picasso, from a series of conversations with the great Hungarian photographer, Brassai:

“To know what you’re going to draw, you have to begin drawing… When I find myself facing a blank page, that’s always going through my head. What I capture in spite of myself interests me more than my own ideas.

Ideas are simply starting points. I can rarely set them down as they come to my mind. As soon as I start to work, others well up in my pen.”

I find this a fascinating way of looking at the creative process. And it’s a method I’m using in making my film on intuition. I’m following my intuition.

Here is a piece I recorded in Dharamsala –

The Process – 



2 thoughts on “Pablo Picasso on intuition…

  1. Bill, I enjoyed The Process piece… my first life intro to you. The rest of the gang got to meet you in person, nice to put a voice to a photo.

    You are on one heck of a journey…. so fascinating following your posts and pics.

    Light and Love Ingrid


    • Thanks Ingrid – and congratulations on your hospitalero appointment next year. That will be enormous fun! And very eye-opening, seeing it all from another perspective, I’m sure!


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