PGS film update

As I begin to count down to my departure for the U.S., it’s pleasing to be able to report that the film continues to attract investment.

Another couple of investors came on board this week, and they join a growing list of people who are now supporting this project, excited to be a part of something quite unique.

The film is gathering a momentum which is becoming quite infectious.

After Dallas I’ll be meeting with a prominent distributor. I spoke to him on the phone this past week, and he wants to meet me in part because he said there’s never been a film made on the subject of intuition.

I know that. I’m amazed that intuition hasn’t been dealt with before in a meaningful way on film.

Where does Dallas fit into all of this? I really don’t know at this stage, because I don’t know what’s going to happen.

All I know is that I arrive into Dallas on the afternoon of November 23rd, the date the Indian astrologer told me was most beneficial for me, from a Cosmic Ray perspective, that is.

As per his instructions I’m going to catch the free shuttle into town, I’ll then ask around for a cheap motel, and make my way there, and then for the next fifteen days I’m going to dance the light fantastic with my Cosmic Rays!

The astrologer, Dr. Bhatt – a billionaire – and his equally rich friend Pradeep – have been sending me daily instructions on the free WhatsApp app. So already I have a list of things to do and people to see.

And these guys are well connected. Remember they count as their best friends Bikram Choudhury of Bikram Yoga fame, and Deepak Chopra.

So I’m not going to be lounging around in my dirt-box digs waiting for things to happen – on the contrary, it promises to be a very busy time.

Oh, and let’s not forget that I have to be open to staying for the next thirty days if really good things begin to happen, and then thirty days after that, up to a maximum of eleven years!

But for the moment let’s just say it’s fifteen days. During that time, we could well end up with a separate stand alone film.


So we’ll see.

Irrespective, it’s an exciting time coming up. Already I have interviews lined up with some terrific people – and so that four weeks looks like it’s going to be jam packed.

There’s only one thing that scares me –

The astrologer Dr. Bhatt said I have to make sure that I “expose” myself to the Cosmic Rays while I’m in Dallas. Remember this is in late November and December. It will be cold.

He said I have to lie in a banana chair each day for a minimum of thirty minutes, in my swimwear or underpants.

Now, that’s scary…

10 thoughts on “PGS film update

  1. What is a banana chair?
    Hope good things happen in Dallas. Actually we already know they are going to happen and it will be so good to have you here. A little closer for a visit than Australia. Will you get to have a vacation away from Dallas like Christmas in Mudgee or a trek in Italy?
    The average temperature for Dallas in November is 67 degrees and December 58 degrees. Not chilly except at night.

    Mucho hugs
    Dale and Lynda

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  2. Terrific post Bill. Best of luck with your funding and with your negotiations with the distributor.

    Would it be cheating if you lay in the banana chair in a wetsuit? After all, it DOES qualify as swimwear! Might keep you a little warmer!

    BTW – Lynda – a banana chair is an outdoor lounge chair – just an ordinary long deckchair that you can stretch out on. They have metal frames and woven plastic throughout and they come in all colours – they’re a Fab 50’s Favourite here in Oz and still very popular all these decades on. Unless you put a beach towel over the chair before you lie down on it you are guaranteed to get VERY sweaty in a short space of time!


      • Thanks Lynda – it’s great to be posting again regularly and keeping up with all the PGS news.
        ‘Hope all’s well with you and Dale –
        Cheers – Jenny


  3. Hey Bill: If you really want to bare it all to the cosmic Rays, there is a friendly nudist club on the outskirts of Dallas called Ponderosa Resort. The pool is probably heated!

    I am ecstatic that the investors are seeing the potential of this film. Good luck during your meeting with the distributor.

    I will be seeing a bit of Texas myself next week. I inherited my brother’s 38-foot motor coach (I think they are called caravans in your homeland). I will be driving it from St. Louis, Missouri to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma where I will travel on Interstate 40 across Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. Just short of a 1,500 mile jaunt.

    I wish you and Jen safe and exciting travels next month! Julie

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  4. Oh la la Bill with underwear sitting in a chaise longue ! Very French.what an is very exciting to follow it.Iwish you the best of the best.bisous


    • haha – not sure I’m going to do that Marie. Way I figure it, if the Cosmic Rays have come all that way across the… well, cosmos… , avoiding planets and going through meteorite clouds and blasting through black holes and all, why couldn’t they find their way to my skin through a well tailored and snugly fitting leather jacket? With a cheeky scarf? bosses too!!


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