Italy – and the Vatican…

The Vatican isn’t quite as laid back as some of the ashrams in India, that’s for sure!

We’ve been trying on several fronts for months now to get a high level interview at the Vatican – but evidently it’s a very bureaucratic place, and time is not of the essence in The Holy See.

But – I am nothing but tenacious. And I’m not easily thwarted.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I met a fellow in the Parmarth ashram in Rishikesh who turned out to beย an official Vatican photographer for twenty years. He’s proven to be of enormous help. He’s since connected me to a filmmaker in Rome who is also helping. His name is Piotr, and he’s trying to expedite my request for an interview.

And last night we met our Italian assistant. Her name is Elena, and she was introduced to us through Rachit (gee, even when I type it my fingers really want to type “Ratshit.” It’s all I can do to stop myself…)

Anyway Elena recently completed her masters degree in film studies at the London Film School. She’s Italian, lives outside of Florence, andย she’s come on board to help us too. She speaks fluent English, and she’s delightful. Already it looks like she’s lined up some interesting interviewees outside of the Vatican.

So with Piotr and Elena and Loreto (the former Vatican photographer), we have a formidable group working on our behalf to maximise our time here.

By the way, Australian coffee is better than Italian coffee…

Assisi tower

21 thoughts on “Italy – and the Vatican…

  1. Hey, Bill. I’m catching up on your last few blogs. Kathryn and I had five days camping together last week and one of my favorite memories is her reading your blogs out loud during the long drive up to the mountains.

    Your adventures in India have renewed my interest in traveling there someday. A guy at work has also offered to hook me up with some folks in his hometown. I just need to finish the Camino and the John Muir Trail first.

    Let me know if you’ll be in LA before you get to Dallas. Kathryn and I would love to join you for a drink at one of your fancy Hollywood watering holes. I also have family in the Dallas area so they may know of some cheap motels for you.

    Ciao for now!


    • Hey Michael,

      Lovely to hear from you. It sounds like that little camping expedition was a lot of fun, and very relaxing.

      I have to admit I avoid the fancy Hollywood watering holes. In fact I usually don’t drink in the US at all. I only drink wine (or white port!) and most of the affordable wine in America is a shocker. And the imported stuff, for a decent price, is pretty bad too.

      But yes it would be great to meet up before things kick off in Dallas. If your family wants to come visit, or better still invite me to their house for Thanksgivjng (and get me out of the cheap motel) that would be great!

      Also, if you know anyone in Dallas who could shower me with immense wealth, please pass on my email!!!


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