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It seems like the gremlins at Word Press have denied us a Comments box again.

I’m about to leave for Sydney, so I’ll wrap my head around this tonight. In the meantime, if you want to contact me, or send me your comments, then do so on:

And I’ll get back to you, or post your comment once this is sorted.

Once again I apologise on behalf of those pesky Word Press gremlins.


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  1. Now the Comment is working! Have a great time on your adventure…sounds like you are going to be quite busy!

    I leave tomorrow on my first Camino! It was you, Steve, Lynda, Arlene, and the rest of group who have inspired me over the last year or so! I am so excited to finally get to follow your footsteps along The Way.

    I know you are going to be busy but I would love you to follow along if you so desire! My two girlfriends and myself will be sharing a blog and one of us posting hopefully, every day or so!
    The name of the blog is:



    • Debbie, Have a wonderful Camino and remember to always have some food and water with you for the stretches w/o cafes. Also few ATM’s unless in a large town. Looking forward to following your blog.


    • Debbie,
      I am a follower. I will watch your steps with great admiration.
      Thank you for giving me some of the credit for your Camino, however you do know, that I had nothing at all to do with it. You have been called and most likely will be bitten just like the rest of us.
      Buen Camino my friend! It will be some of the hardest time you will spend, but I can assure you the most beneficial and rewarding (why else would I return time and time again?).

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    • Hey Debbie, sorry for the late reply, but I’ve been flat out preparing for this trip. Have a great time on the Camino – I’ll follow your blog with interest – and delighted to hear that our crazy rambling so here have inspired you.

      Safe travels, and I look forward to seeing your posts!



  2. Bill and Jen,
    Hoping you have a stupendous filming trip. It certainly sounds like quite the adventure. Ohhh the sights, the food and the people you will see!! Looking forward to your posts although we know you will be working and may not have as much time for posting. Between your posts and Debbie’s from the Camino we are in for a couple of months of great travel experiences.
    Safe travels to you and Jen
    Dale and Lynda


  3. Bill & Jen,

    Godspeed my friends. Have a wonderful, fruitful trip I will be following your steps through your blog.



    • Arlene thank,you – and lovely talking to you on the phone the other day. You sounded tired but very happy.

      Yes I look forward to keeping in touch here and elsewhere!



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