Word Press – you are bugging me

Hey guys – sorry for the additional posts but I just am trying to figure out why the comments box doesn’t come up on the website.

I notice that it’s available on the email notification that’s send to you when a new blog is posted.


I am by now means a Word Press expert, but I’ve gone through all my settings and nothing appears to be wrong.


I’ll figure it out…  🙂

4 thoughts on “Word Press – you are bugging me

    • It seems like I’ve fixed the problem.

      Really don’t know how. I did what I normally do with tech issues – I restart my computer and flush out the cache, and a tick and untick a couple of boxes that have to do with comments.

      I must have done something right because it seems like the problem is solved. You’ll notice that I’ve reposted the last two blogs which didn’t have the comment boxes.

      Hopefully Word Press will behave itself from now on – but please email me if you’re having any problems with the site.

      Thanks Arlene and Britta!



  1. yes Steve – somehow or other I fixed the problem – don’t know how! – and I’ve reposted the last two blogs (marked as Redux) which should also allow comments.

    I apologise on behalf of Word Press for this muck up.


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