Word Press issues?

I’ve just received an email from someone saying that they can’t comment on the blog –


I haven’t changed any settings, but sometimes Word Press goes psycho, and changes things without me realising.

So I’ll go in and see what’s what – but if you want to contact me, or leave a comment that I can later post, then email me on: billpgsblog@gmail.com

In the meantime I’ll go into Word Press admin and see if I can figure out what’s wrong.

Wish me luck!




4 thoughts on “Word Press issues?

  1. Hi Bill,

    Maybe just threatening to go into WordPress to right their wrong did the trick. I now can comment!



  2. Good – yes that was very strange. I can comment too presumably. I did notice that to keep spam controlled, I had limited comments to blogs that were posted up to 5 days before, so it might have been that you were trying to comment on a post later than that. I’ve now increased that to 21 days.

    Anyway, glad that it’s working ok – and welcome back mate! Sounds like you have a challenging (at times) and tumultuous series of walks.



  3. Yes, I thought that was just a one off – but then with Arlene then Britta said the same thing, I realised it was a problem. Do you want to put that same comment on the blog now that it’s accepting comments now?


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