PGS – selling out?

Last week I received an email from a firm asking me if I would consider putting advertising on this blog.

I was intrigued, so I asked for more information.

They claimed it would be discreet, and non intrusive – and I thought about it, because having an income stream would kind of offset the time I spend preparing each post.

Believe it or not, it takes me between an hour and two hours to do a post, what with preparing the photos, editing and refining the text etc. The posts might look simple, and read fast, but that’s because I put a lot of effort into making them so.

Anyway, I decided not to go with the advertising offer. My PGS told me not to.

It didn’t feel right.

I hope one thing which this blog offers is integrity, honesty, and transparency. You might not always agree with what I post here, and I’m sure that sometimes I annoy/anger/confuse/disappoint/outrage you. (Don’t mention the Burning Dwarf!)


  1. I’ve never professed to be an expert, or any kind of “guru.” I’m just a bloke who did a walk and writes a blog about it.
  2. I’ve never professed to be a saint – far from it. Saints don’t do white port drinking sessions.
  3. I really don’t care if this blog has huge numbers or a handful – I write largely as a way of trying to make sense of the world around me.
  4. I don’t proselytise here – or at least I hope I don’t. I try not to.
  5. I learn from writing this blog. It forces me to think more deeply about things, and it keeps me curious and observant.
  6. I learn more from you, than you do from me.

I must admit that I was a little chuffed at the offer of advertising – it means that this modest little blog is getting some attention out there.

But if I took on advertising then there’s an implicit contract – that I would have to keep my numbers up, or increase them – and that would then impact on what I write about.

I’d soon find I’d have to write stuff that was designed to increase traffic flow to the site – and so for me then the fun goes out of it. It becomes work. More than that, it becomes a manipulation. The transparency becomes cloudy.

I don’t write this blog for money. I do it because I like to, because I want to – and because I get to hang out with you cool bunch of people!


20 thoughts on “PGS – selling out?

  1. Good for you!I just this weekend returned from Santiago after finishing the Portugese Camino, May 18-28th. Your blog was interesting and helpful pre-Camino prep.Thank you Sent from my BlackBerry 10 smartphone on the Rogers network.


  2. You have enough work, Bill. I would hate for you to think of this blog as work (although it really is a lot, shall we call it, creative energy usage). Sounds like you made the right call. Julie


    • Hey, I like the ‘creative energy usage’; and much as it is a huge amount of work to put out this blog, I’d agree that being paid could cloud the issue. Britta


      • It’s complicated Britta – I’m not averse to advertising, but it would have to be consistent with the tone of the blog, and right at the moment I can’t see how that could be done…


  3. It’s so refreshing to read your words Bill. Thank you for staying true to yourself and to us. I always feel so old fashioned because I don’t really follow trends that others set and in today’s world it seems that if you don’t you’re left far behind. But, it’s not who I am and I appreciate you even more for not succumbing to the pressure. As you and Jen say, “Good on you.”



  4. Thank you for this blog. I think you made the right decision,Bill. Money controls the world,but not you. If your PGS ever leeds you to Norway-I will offer you some of my time in return


  5. Not to mention that you are a world renowned film director and a little extra money to you would be chump change. 🙂

    Seriously, good on you, as you and Jill say, and I would have been shocked had you taken them up on it.

    Your mate, Steve


  6. HI Bill,


    I agree 100% with what you wrote and I like you and appreciate you even more for writing that. Besides that , I learned a lot  from the blog Mont Shasta, and I really enjoyed having photos ans news about  you , jen and our dear Steve. and Jill. they look like newlyweds  !! I hop Steve will change his minds about Assisi. Waiting for your next post, Bises from France for you, jen and all the portugal pack that will read this answer.






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    • Hey Marie. Great to see you on here again. Miss you. I am not sure I would ever make another long walk. My hips still hurt, but who knows. Flattered that you would like to see me come along. Assisi. Who knows?


    • Dear Marie –

      lovely to hear from you!! Jen and I have to race out to have BBQ with Lynda Lozner and Dale. Lovely lovely people. Will reply in full when we get back this evening – love, Bill. (hey, and Jen and I MISS YOU!! xx)


  7. You know Bill, it wouldn’t worry me at all if there was advertising on the blog.

    If you accepted the offer maybe you could make it clear that you wrote on your terms and they could pull out at any time if they were not happy with ‘the product’. Just do the blog when and as you wish.

    But whatever, I enjoy reading your comments, thoughts, and ideas. I’m absolutely in awe of your energy and time management skills. And I do appreciate the effort you put into making the blog an enjoyable place for all.



  8. Well done Bill. As a fellow self employed creative, I know how hard it is to turn down people with money in their hand. I have done it, but it’s difficult.


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