Camino Portuguese 14 – my favourite pics

Here are the few shots that I took that I quite like.

They’re not coffee table book shots. I have a real problem taking those shots. I’m not good at that kind of photography.

The shots below are not meant to represent the Camino we just completed. They’re just odd little pics that I took along the way that speak to me, and probably to no-one else.

Bom du Jesus snapper Cyclist looking at factories Washing line Sign walking down stairs


Chairs on Camino

slippery slide

Steve posing Cranes girl with blue specs

chicken thru wire.3

man in pontevedra street freezer trio masked against wall

boy with cross in church

crossed legs




2 thoughts on “Camino Portuguese 14 – my favourite pics

  1. Love these shots, Bill. Many of them speak to me. Shared them with my partner, Will. He is particularly fond of the laundry line. I have many favorites, but the shot of the young girl with the blue glasses speaks worlds. She appears to confidently stare directly at the camera with no apprehension, but the chewed upon fingernails indicate that she is anxious about something in her life. I was surprised to see what look like bifocals at such a young age. Despite these contrasts, the look in her eyes says “no fear.” Just beguiling. I love that photo. Julie


    • Dear Julie – your analysis of some of the shots, particularly the young girl, gives me heart – this is what photography is about, telling stories within the image. This is why I do it. Coffee table, chocolate box shots don’t tell stories, they record images. I believe photography, and filmmaking, should do more than that.

      Thank you for giving me heart! Bill


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