Camino Portuguese Day 14 – these wonderful crazy pilgrims

Today most of the group leaves Santiago to head home.

It will be very sad saying goodbye. We’ve shared some extraordinary experiences together. But I think the friendships formed will last a lifetime.

Here below are my favourite photos of each of them –

Peter –

Peter leaving Mat

Julie –

Julie laughing Peter & Julie

Julie and Peter 2

Ken –


Angie –

Angie at valenca Angie2

Angie and Ken –

Angie with Ken

Angie and Julie –

Angie and Julie

Arlene –

Arlene taking photo

Arlene stretching

Steve –

Steve with dog 2


Arlene & Steve –

Arlene and Steve in woods

Greg –

greg dirt on lens Greg with slideDonna –

Donna3 Donna2

Donna and Greg –

Donna and Greg.1Ken again –

Ken 2

Marie –

Marie with bottleMarie2 Marie

Ken again –

Ken under hat

Catarina –

Catarina in vanCatarina

Jennifer –

Jennifer at BdJ

Jennifer with sunglasses2

Ken again –

Ken under beretThe group –

on bridgeNotice Ken behind Arlene….

Happy and safe travels home guys –
Bill & Jennifer




10 thoughts on “Camino Portuguese Day 14 – these wonderful crazy pilgrims

  1. It’s been so good reading your blog, Bill; taking a peek at our GD’s adventure. Now I wish I could see the pics you’ll take in Ireland!! Carolyn B


  2. So happy for all of you……………been reading myself with not much time to write, but know you have been on my mind and in my prayers………….the pure joy on your faces says it all!

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  3. Thanks Bill, Jennifer, Catarina and all the other pilgrims. This has been a fantastic group of people and a life changing journey. It was so much more than I ever hoped for. You were right Bill, I’ve been bitten by the Camino bug. Thanks so much for everything. Donna.


  4. Actually, don’t just like, but love this post … finally being able to tell who’s who!!! Safe journeys to wherever you all go and bring the Camino spirit with you 🙂 Britta


    • Hi Britta – you know, it occurred to me with your post that I should have done that much earlier, so you would have a face to a name. But what lovely happy faces hey? Looking forward to catching up with you and Jenny and Janet when we get back. When is the next Camino dinner by the way – in May… Bill


      • Sorry, I’m in Rockhampton with no diary to speak of! Sure, though, that Janet or Jenny could let you know! Enjoy the rest of your trip [Ireland sounds pretty good!!] and your further travels and hopefully we will be able to catch up in Sydney in the not too distant future, even if not at one of the Camino dinners or lunches 🙂


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