CP14 Day 3 – Barcelos Markets and Bom Jesus

Today was a rest day – and I think we all appreciated it.

Donna woke up with a burgeoning chest infection, and Caterina whisked her away to a doctor. By mid afternoon she was feeling much better.

The famous Barcelos markets were on – the hotel was situated right opposite – and so after breakfast we wandered over and explored.

ext. barcelos markets

int markets

Barcelos is famous for it’s chicken and poultry – the symbol of the district is the cock.

Whooosh –
That’s the sound of that one going through to the keeper….

rooster chicken thru wire.3

The market sold all sorts of things –


Note to Barcelos Health Department – please ask this lady not to pick her nose while she’s holding a cock…

lady with chicken

Caterina then began a shuttle in the Mercedes van, transporting the group over to Bom Jesus.

Bom Jesus through vines

Just to explain – we’re leaving the Camino for one day to spend the afternoon/night at Bom Jesus, which is truly spectacular. It’s about 25km from Barcelos – a magnificent church on a mountain looking out over Braga. There are a couple of luxury hotels situated beside the church, and we’re staying in the best one.

Elevador ext.1

There’s a beautiful terrace looking out over the view – which is where everyone convened for a late lunch and drinks.

terrace cyclist on terrace

While Caterina took Peter & Julie and Ken & Angie up to Bom Jesus, Jennifer and I had lunch with Steve and Arlene – a pilgrim’s lunch for €10 which was delicious – then we went for a wander into the old part of Barcelos, overlooking the river.

bridge over barcelos Jen with cross Jen Steve and Arlene through doorway

We had coffee overlooking the river – and Steve gave us a pose…

steve and muscle

Marie the Basque, however, decided that she wanted to keep walking, and so she headed off this morning following the Camino. Her intention was to to walk a good way up the Camino towards Ponte de Lima – where we’re staying tomorrow tonight. She wanted to reduce her mileage tomorrow. Tomorrow’s walk is the longest of the trip – 34kms.

Marie later in the day phoned to say that she’d done about 17kms, and so we arranged for a cab to pick her up and bring her to our hotel.

I can’t believe that today is only day 3. It seems that we’ve experienced so much in such a short period of time. Everyone is getting on really well – and we’re spending a lot of time laughing.

Jen Steve and Arlene

Tomorrow is a big walk but some of the group will start part way up the Camino and cut their walk from 34kms to 20kms.

I want to do the full distance, and so do a few others.

There’s no macho stuff here, no competition – everyone respects everyone else’s personal approach to this Camino.

Whether they van it part of the way, or whether they walk the whole way, really it doesn’t matter. We’re all having a good time, enjoying each other’s company, eating wonderful food, staying in nice digs, and we’re all pilgrims.

Speaking of which, the hotel gave us a very romantic room with a double bed tonight…

Why do I make life so difficult?

int room Elvador






9 thoughts on “CP14 Day 3 – Barcelos Markets and Bom Jesus

  1. Why in the world would a celibate guy need a romantic room? You are a walking contradiction. And you call me one. My, oh my. Is it just to aggravate Jen further? Shame, shame.

    Yes, some of the crowd will walk the distance tomorrow and some of will take the van a while and walk a shorter distance. Someone has to be there when you true pilgrims arrive and sit on the curb and clap and cheer when you make your glorious arrivals. Will make you feel smug. I am so glad to volunteer for that. I will sacrifice being a true pilgrim for the greater good of the group.

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    • I am wondering,why does a romantic guy decide to be celibate. Obviously, the Camino does not agree… better listen…;-) I concur Steve… shame shame


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      • I guess, like previously, The Camino provides … it’s what you do with it that counts!! Sigh … you all look and sound very happy and content; may it last 🙂

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  2. The photographs show pilgrims who look very content and at peace with their pace and progress. All that worry and concern for naught! Hope Donna and Jen are on the mend. Continued peace and good health on your journey, and a big cyber hug to all. Julie

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  4. Having such fun reading the blog and admiring the pictures and you have me in stitches a lot. So happy for you all that this trip is turning out as wonderful as it sounded to start with.

    ❤ Ingrid

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  5. Hi Bill and PGS Pilgrims –
    Bill – you could have used the word ‘rooster’ but the effect would not have been the same AT ALL !
    Beautiful photos of Jen, Arlene and Steve – and it looks as though the Camino is providing gorgeous weather for you all. May it continue all the way to Santiago and for your time there.
    Cheers – Jenny

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  6. I hope you all know how much love is being sent your way from Michigan. I can’t stop smiling thinking about all of you doing this amazing journey together. Enjoy enjoy enjoy……

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