CP14 Recce D3

I must have been tired.

Got to Tui, had a beautiful home cooked style lunch, had some wine, went to the room, and woke up eleven hours later!

Slept from 5pm to now – 4am.

I never do that.

So that’s the reason this blog is late. Sorry about that!

Now I’ve got to remember what happened yesterday… oh yes, that’s right – drove out of Caldas de Reis in the rain. Sorry Steve, would like to tell you the rain stopped, but yesterday the rain was pretty damn consistent.

The hotel we stayed in by the way was situated right beside the stream that cuts through CdR, and had a glorious view.

Caldas de Rais stream

Drove south, checking out the hotels we’ll be staying in along the way. Stopped at a gigantic supermarket and brought some groceries. I love wandering through Spanish supermarkets – with the hams hanging and the gigantic fish on display as thought they’ve been plucked straight from the sea.

Got to Tui and our little hotel nestled right beside the Cathedral in the old town. The Cathedral was very dark inside, with pre-recorded hymns whispering through hidden speakers.

Tui sculpture

The Cathedral is quite unique in that it looks like a fortress, with it’s crenellated towers – Tui looks across the Mino River to Valenca, in Portugal, and it was a fortress when it was first consecrated in the 13th century.

Tui cathedral

Had lunch in one of those places where from the outside, the restaurant looks dowdy and unbecoming, but the prices are good. Walked inside and the joint was bustling with locals.

The food was like mama’s cooking – a local pasta soup, then spare ribs in a stew, surrounded by boiled potatoes that melted in your mouth, followed by an extremely yummy home made desert that was part flan, part tart. Beautiful.

All for the princely sum of €9.

Oh, and I also had a bottle of Rioja. Well, not quite a bottle, but I did give it a bit of a nudge. That’s what put me to sleep. And pure exhaustion from the flight over.

Today we’re heading into Portugal, and will be staying overnight in a wonderful casa rurale in Rubiaes.

Oh and Steve, it’s stopped raining!

Tui Church window

13 thoughts on “CP14 Recce D3

  1. Bill,

    I’ve made a note to myself – switch out the light gators for the heavier waterproof gators! Damn.
    I thought you were supposed to bring the sunshine.



    • Arlene – it’s stopped raining now – you know what it’s like in Galicia, it’s so damn variable. Also remember we were driving sometimes through sunshine, sometimes through rain. Jennifer says that it’s raining this week so that it will be sunny next week! 🙂

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    • Hi Steve…lol… you better know how to continue this song…. somehow, I see you holding a mike and belting it out. Buen Camino Ingrid

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  2. Well, it sounds as if, water-logged and well rested, you’re having some fun finally. Love that last photo with the stain glass window and ‘cross’ – is that a cross or just the light falling on some beams? I’m trying to loose a bit of weight and your descriptions of meals are not making it easy, mate! 🙂 I’m drooling!!


  3. Hi britta – yes it was a cross on the wall, with light falling on it from the stained glass window. I love that shot too!

    Jen and I have decided we only need one meal a day – coffee and maybe a croissant for brekkie, then either a lunch or dinner. That might change though when we start walking!!



    • Bill, hmmm, don’t skip meals before a hike. Watch your muscle tone! Especially your legs! I am not an advocate for skipping ANY meals, rather disciplined portion control, which of course is so darn difficult when the food staring at you makes you salivate and smack your lips. Good luck! Ingrid


  4. Hi Ingrid – yes, you’re right. When I start walking I eat whatever falls into my path!! At the moment though, I’m very sedentary, with all the driving. But later today I’ll post a shot of all the Portuguese pastries we had for morning tea!!! Bill

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