Because I have oodles of spare time and I’m not busy enough, I’ve decided to start up a photographic blog called PhotoCamino – designed specifically to discuss photography on the Camino.

My intention in fact is to write a book about how to take photos on the Camino – because the pilgrimage really does present very specific difficulties for a photographer, whether you’re a happy-snapper or an experienced enthusiast or pro.

During this tour which starts on April 7th, I’ll be blogging regularly on PhotoCamino – although my priority will be to service daily blogs here – inclusive of photos, like last year.

PhotoCamino though will give me an outlet to discuss issues concerning photography on the Camino – so do please check it out. And as I say, expect a “how to” book soon –

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8 thoughts on “PhotoCamino

  1. Will I have to join the Photo blog, or will members of the PGS blog automatically be included? I am really glad you are doing the photo blog. I can pretend that I am along on the Camino with you guys and participating in the photo workshops! Julie


    • Dear Julie, I’m so with you there and will be excited too being able to follow some of the lessons we can’t have directly and personally from Bill like the others on this Portuguese walk 🙂 – so will ‘see’ you on that blog too! Britta


      • haha – not sure that “ll be doing lessons as such on the blog Britta – more like anecdotal stories – I am though thinking of putting up a Q&A on the PhotoCamino blog, but I’m terrified that could consume my life!!


  2. This is for Fran –

    Fran – your comment about your Canon 5D II somehow got lost in WP – I read it, but can’t find it now to reply to, so I’m replying here…

    Just to say (and these are the kind of things I’ll be covering in my book oh photographing the Camino – ) the 5D is a great camera, but unless you’re taking photos for Nat Geo or for publication purposes, there’s no point taking such a heavy high end camera.

    You have to ask yourself what is the end purpose of my photos? To have a personal record in digital or print form? And if in print form, what size will you be printing to? If you’re printing to less than 16 x 20, then there’s not much point taking the 5D, or any DSLR, in my opinion.

    The 28-70 is also a beautiful lens – sharp as a tack wide open, and the lens of choice of a lot of news and professional photographers – but it’s a weighty beast, and you have to ask: is it the best lens for the Camino? I don’t think so actually. At 28mm it’s not wide enough for the beautiful landscapes, and at 70mm it’s too short a focal length for really good telephoto compression shots.

    So I think the kit – although it’s a beautiful bit of gear – is totally inappropriate for the Camino, because of weight and because the focal lengths won’t best serve your photographic possibilities.

    I have a Nikon D700 full frame, with a 16-35mm and a 135mm f2 and there’s no way I’d take that kit.

    This is all subjective, of course, but if you’ve got that gear then you’re obviously very serious about your photography. Given that, I would suggest you look at getting an entry level Canon APS-C sensor camera with a wide angle zoom (something with an equivalent 35mm focal length range of 18-35mm) and take a separate telephoto prime, or your longer telephoto zoom.

    Or, if you wanted to jump into a new system, then I’d suggest you invest in a mirrorless Fuji or Olympus system – and get a WA zoom and a telephoto zoom.

    Olympus has developed a terrific mirror less system, however I’m taking the Fujifilm X-E2 with a 14mm f2.8 (equiv 21mm) which I will keep on that camera, and a Fujifilm X-T1 with a 55-200 zoom (equiv 87-300mm) for long lens work. The entire kit would weigh less than your 5D with the 28-70mm. And I have the wide angle covered with the 14mm, and a zoom range up to equiv 300mm.

    Yes it’s two bodies, but it saves me changing lenses in conditions which might put dust on the sensor. And because the cameras are so small and light, I can carry both around my neck at the same time.

    Them’s me thoughts!!!



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