Another milestone!

Sometime today we flipped over 10,000 comments.

10,000 comments on this blog in less than a year (with 4 months in hiatus too!) I think that’s pretty cool!

Thank you to everyone who has contributed – and made this a fascinating community. I’ve made some wonderful friends through this blog.

Soon I’ll be heading off to Portugal, and I’ll be blogging again daily – and the fun will kick back in big time!

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13 thoughts on “Another milestone!

  1. Bill,
    Congratulations! You do an awesome job! I can’t wait till the party is happening everyday again!
    Only 171 days till my Camino starts and I am so excited. Allowing 53 days…whatever days we have left at end my two girlfriend and I are traveling down the coast of Portugal by train, leaving out of Lisbon to fly back home. I am sure your blog will help me decide of some of the places I will want to visit!


    • Hey Debbie –

      yes, we can do a dummy run for you – not saying you two are dummies, but you know what I mean!!

      Its a crazy wonderful bunch of people here hey? Bill


  2. Congratulations Bill. You never know how far you reach or the impact you may have had. Cannot believe it is less than a year since I “stumbled” upon your Camino blog. What an incredible ride it has been. Ten thousand comments – those words of “wisdom” almost equal a doctoral thesis!! Looking forward to the next 10 000.
    Blessings to all the PGS family


    • Well thank you Anne – I’m pleased that more people are aware now of Steve McCurry, for starters. I just provide the space here for others to run with ideas, and feelings. What’s good is that it feels like a cozy group, although the stats would indicate that a lot of people visit but don’t join in – which is great.


  3. Congratulations. As Anne said, your Blog has impacted on so many people and provided so much pleasure, and I for one love having it to look forward to now you are back. You and your fellow travellers must be getting so excited now that your trip is so close. I’ll be following you all every step of the “Way” through your Blog.


    • Fran, thank you. I’m looking forward to getting back into the swing of the blog, once we get started on the tour. And yes, I’m sure getting excited, although I’m really busy work wise at the moment, and don’t have the time to do as much as I’d like!


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