The Fault in our Stars –

I rarely use this blog to talk about films or tv shows or books etc – (the last time was GRAVITY) – however I’ve just finished a book that I think many of you might respond to.

It’s called The Fault in our Stars, written by John Green.

The blurb doesn’t encourage you to read the book – it’s about two teenagers, dying of cancer, who fall in love. That log line didn’t grab me initially.

However the reason I started reading it was because late last year as I was coming back from Portugal, I had a layover at Heathrow, and as I always do I made my way to the bookstore.

The book was featured prominently on the stands, and it had an intriguing cover. But when I picked it up and read the back jacket, I put it back immediately. I didn’t want to read a book about kids dying of cancer.

But then as I wandered around the airport waiting for my connecting flight, I saw several people reading the book. And these were adults, not teenagers. And then I saw more at the gate. And then when I got on the plane I saw someone else reading it. Engrossed.

This was my PGS directing me to read this book.

So when I returned to Australia I made a little note to myself that I should check it out.

Well, today I finished it, and it was extraordinary. Not only beautifully written, but deeply moving, and profound on levels I never expected.

Knowing a lot of you as I do, I recommend this book. Just like I recommended GRAVITY.

If you do get to read it, let me know what you think. Here’s the Goodreads link for readers reviews – oh, and there’s a film been made on it too, which will be released shortly.

The Fault in our Stars

14 thoughts on “The Fault in our Stars –

  1. Looks like I’ve found my reading material for the flight from Brisbane – London in 30 DAYS time!

    Thanks Bill 🙂


  2. Thanks for your ever expanding PGS – not just travel now but books and, of course, ‘caus you know so much about them, movies. Thanks Bill, you enrich lives 🙂


    • Thank you Britta! Yes, like I said I am loathe to talk about books and movies and things, because they are so subjective. What one person likes another might hate, or think it’s boring. But with this one, like GRAVITY, I think a number of people on this blog will really get something out of it.


  3. On reading your recommendation I immediately put a request into the library. I am number 144 on the queue so some other people must have heard about it too! Even though it seems like a long list, I don’t mind because in a few months time, after I’ve forgotten all about it, I will get a notice that the book is waiting for me! Nice surprise. Of course I might pass it at an airport bookstore and pick it up first.
    – Clare


    • That’s great Clare. I hope you’re not disappointed. It’s always a bit scary giving recommendations. But i think you will like it. Let me know when you do get around to reading it!


    • Hey Julie – I found it to be quite an amazing book. And I went into it not expecting to like it, because of the subject matter. But it quickly won me over!


  4. Oh my gosh, I also read this book earlier this year, I think its a favorite!! So quirky and real. Having gone through breast cancer I think I read it differently than some of my friends, it all made so much sense to me. Many friends thought it was so so sad. I thought it was very poignant, funny and truthful. I loved it. I hear they may be making a movie of it. I loved the way it was written.


  5. Don’t know why I have such a hard time posting, just wrote a post and it asked for me to log in a 2nd time, and then didn’t go up. Anyway, just wanted to share that I LOVE that book. read it earlier this year in a book club and instantly just loves the quirky style. Having gone through great cancer I read it differently than other ladies that just thought it was so sad. I thought it was poignant, funny and real. One of my favorites really. I hear that it is being made into a movie?


    • Hi Kathryn – yes for some reason WP put this in to moderation. I haven;t changed any settings. Perhaps you are signing in with a different email? Anyway it’s up now, and thank you for your post. I’m sure having gone through what you went through, yes you would read it differently. I found it incredibly poignant. Bill


  6. I noticed in my post that my computer corrected me in unusual ways. I had breast, not “great” cancer, there is no great cancer. (But it is great to be 5 years cancer free!)


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