Time to give thanks…

– to the people in our lives whom we love.

– to the people in our lives who love us.

– for the beauty each day brings.

– for the joys each day brings.

– for the opportunities all around us.

– for our health.

– for our illnesses.

– for music that moves us.

– for pets that love us.

– for being free.

– for being alive.

A walk to Paradise Garden – by W. Eugene Smith

Walk to paradise garden

6 thoughts on “Time to give thanks…

  1. Thank you Bill – a beautifully expressed post – no need to say any more – this says it all.
    Cheers – Jenny


  2. I actually do in funny little ways a lot of the time. At the yoga school I go to we have a healing ceremony every Saturday and when I participate I think of people close to me, whether they’re geographically close or not. I try to tell and show people how important they are to me and my wellbeing, emotionally and spiritually; I often comment to friends how lucky we are to have great friends like us (!) in our lives, and in a way the drinks party I have bi-yearly, is a way of connecting with many of the people from the many parts of my life to show they’re important to me. If you can’t say it out loud that you love people, there are many ways to show it!


  3. What a wonderful post. An Australian film director reminding us all not to take our US holiday for granted. We have so much to be thankful for. Among many other things, I am thankful for all of my new friends that my friend Bill Bennett has brought into my life. Thank you pgs family for being who you are. Like any family, we may not always agree, but we can always love and respect each other.

    With thankfulness, Steve


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